Films: Scarecrow (2013)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted Home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Scarecrows are, and we've said this several times, a near-perfect pick for farmland horror. They look off, they have proven to be rather durable, and a farm is practically a supermarket for sharp objects. But this one doesn't need any blades. It just needs all the dead plant matter it can find...

History: Somewhere in the American countryside, there's an abandoned cornfield that was said to have claimed the lives of over thirty people. The blame is pinned on a demonic scarecrow that must be kept buried every autumn. But alas, a bunch of high school students and their teacher unearthed the thing while looking for one in time for a scarecrow festival, and the monster's rampage resumed. Of course, no one would have guessed that the scarecrow was in fact summoned in the first place to kill off the family of one of the kids in revenge, so now it has the power and a motivation.

Notable Kills: A failed attempt to kill it ends with it pulling a madwoman in with it into a shredder.

Final Fate: The scarecrow fails to die time and time again, but in the end, the one it was pursuing the most destroys it by locking it in a boat rigged to explode. The demon goes up in flames along with the abandoned boat.

Powers/Abilities: Can shift in size at any point, usually based on how much straw it's made up of at the moment. It is also virtually indestructible, shrugging off any lost limbs.

Weakness: Fire, and lots of it. Also, the blood of any member of the family is was made to kill can distract it if it's on anything else.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-If only the effects department had more of a budget. Then maybe we'd be able to take this near-indestructible walking pile of dead hay a bit more seriously. But as it stands, the awful CGI is the one thing holding it back from being anything more.

Trivia: -The scarecrow's forever opened-mouth does look a bit similar to the Mothman from 2010. That was also directed by this film's maker, Sheldon Wilson.

-As one might guess, hay is incredibly flammable, hence why it was the scarecrow's weakness. In fact, out of all the flammable materials, you do NOT want to light hay on fire, lest it spreads at insane speed.

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