“Gateway to the stars”

Films: Devil's Gate (2017)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: The classic tale of aliens invading a rural part of the country is about to get a lot weirder than ever before. The plan is odder, the means to the end are longer, and the aliens themselves are not quite like what came before. Either way, there's a mystery to unravel, and it's not exactly a good one.

History: In the small town of Devil's Gate, strange things are happening at a seemingly innocent household. There are booby traps everywhere, the father is rather erratic, the wife is a wreck, and their son is missing. The only clues are strange symbols and sightings of something not human. As it turns out, this house is ground zero for an alien plot. By replacing the husband with a somewhat faulty human clone, they hope to repopulate Earth with babies like their own kind. So far, the plan is a bit of a bust, and there's a sick alien caged up in the basement. But it won't be long before someone comes down from upstairs...

Notable Kills: One splits a persons' chest open with its psychic abilities while mentally pinning them against a wall.

Final Fate: After the visiting alien makes its presence known and its demands met, it lets the child come back to his original family, but not before the fake husband is killed for being so crazy. The alien leaves, but it is very clear that the insemination has already begun. Also, the boy knows where there is a fair share of alien tech, and he may plan on using it too...

Powers/Abilities: These aliens can use psychic powers to cause quakes or tear enemies apart. They are also telepathic, and have technology that can teleport them and create near-perfect human copies with their DNA.

Weakness: Being overexposed to the Earth's atmosphere will sap away at their health.

Scariness Factor: 4-These things are just unsettling, that's for sure. When they arrive, they look like a horribly emaciated man with a slimy coat of pale-white skin. They don't even seem to have faces at first. Then they get mad, and unveil a mouth full of fangs and powers that can rip you to pieces slowly and painfully. Also, the insemination plot is somewhat sick, even if they are courteous to their carriers.

Trivia: -Those chilling noises the aliens make were provided by Sebastien Croteau. Death metal singer, throat singer, voice actor, and as this film demonstrates, creature sound provider.

-This film was directed by Clay Staub, who was also a production assistant for the 2011 prequel to "The Thing". This was a much better usage of his time, to say the least, seeing how it was also his directorial debut.

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