“Rain dance of death”

Films: Beast of the Water (2017)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Cave/Lake

Height/Weight: Twice that of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: When you hear the words "protected by a guardian spirit", do you really want to keep going with whatever might defile sacred ground? All you're asking for is trouble. But sometimes, no mere legend can get in the way of human stupidity. Until it does, and the blood starts to flow.

History: For as long as they can remember, the Native American Inikwe tribe of Ohio has been in possession of healing waters, which many people in the modern day see as a potential Fountain of Youth. But these waters had a guardian that the Inikwe respected immensely. It was the reptilian water spirit known as Enuattii, who guarded the waters with all its might. But a lot of blood has been spilled in the name of those healing waters, and the people of today are no different. A squad has been sent to locate the sacred water for a corporation, whether it's an ethical act or not. Naturally, Enuattii isn't far behind...

Notable Kills: Violently drags a guy down below through a small puddle. Also, see Final Fate.

Final Fate: By the end of it all, the only survivors are the ones who weren't even all that on board with the expedition, and the squad's fanatical leader. The Enuattii makes short work of the man by ripping his arms off and biting off his head. Its work complete, the Enuattii departs from the mortal realm. However, the corporation is planning on dealing with the spirit in any way they can. Though considering how the beast utterly curbstomped some of their best troops, the future isn't looking too bright for those money-grubbing fools...

Powers/Abilities: The Enuattii is invincible, capable of taking any and all hits. It can also summon itself out of thin air, as well as manipulate water. In fact, it can appear in any body of water, no matter what the size. If around the healing waters, it can manipulate them into ageing a person.

Weakness: None, though if one is a good person and/or has balance within, they will not be harmed by it.

Scariness Factor: 4-Let's get this bit out of the way. The Enuattii's design is terrifyingly awesome, looking like a lizard man crossed with a porcupine and a deep-sea fish. Its vast array of powers and total lack of any weakness also make it an absolutely fear-inducing opponent. The only thing that keeps it from being any scarier is that it only kills those who wish to willfully upset the natural order, as well as a-holes in general. To the innocent and those well-versed in the delicate balance, it is a noble guardian who will always fight for justice.

Trivia: -There is no beast in Native American mythology called the Enuattii. However, there are many reptilian water spirits. Most of them are serpents, such as the Apotamkin and the Misiginebig.

-Originally, this film was a failed Kickstarter campaign known as "The Enuattii" in 2015. It didn't even make half of its goal. At least this failure had a happy ending.

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