“The sting is at the end of the tale”

Films: Stung (2015)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Up to that of average cattle.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Getting stung by a bee is a very unpleasant experience. But it pales in comparison to getting the sharp end of a wasp in you. The pain is quite excruciating, and it almost makes you think that wasps were specifically made to be an evil version of bees. This is definitely not true, but you still wouldn't want a horde of really big ones flying around, now would you?

History: In rural America, a fancy garden party is being held. All seems well for the guests...until something emerges from the ground. As in, a horde of hyper-aggressive parasitic wasps crashes the party, causing everyone they sting to produce gigantic winged monsters. As it turns out, the garden was only impressive because of a fertilizer ripe with growth hormones, which warped the wasps into what they are now. The survivors find themselves boxed in the mansion, which is crawling with the large pests. Chances of escape or survival are rather slim.

Notable Kills: One impales the maid through a door and through the eye. And of course, the process of a giant wasp's emergence is unendingly violent.

Final Fate: One of the last two survivors is briefly captured by someone fused with his wasp, who also happens to be the son of the woman that the queen emerged from. After he and the other survivor escape, they blow up the entire mansion, incinerating the hive. However, it is later shown that the surviving wasps have long since moved on to infecting cattle...

Powers/Abilities: A sting from any wasp acts as an ovipositor, injecting both venom and an egg into a person. The egg hatches rather quickly, and out comes a giant. Sometimes, the process is incomplete, and the wasp ends up fusing with its host, them sharing a collective consciousness.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-By and large, these are some of the scariest stinging insects to ever grace the screen. The practical effects make them look like they're in fact true predators out of arthropod Hell, and the way they reproduce can best be described as a thoroughly unpleasant disemboweling from the inside. Just one can utterly massacre a group of people. Imagine hundreds of them…

Trivia: -The wasps were primarily based off tarantula hawk wasps, though their designs often bring to mind crimson paper wasps, which are a lot more common in America, and are named for how they can chew up mud and turn it into a paper-like material. That said, there are other parasitic wasps out there, such as the potter wasp and the rather unusual ichneumon wasps.

-Part of the reason most of the rich are infected is that it serves as a metaphor of sorts. A common old-age acronym for upper-class twits was White Anglo-Saxton Protestants. Makes sense, doesn't it?

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Ever watch Zombi 2? Take a good look.

And so it begins...painfully...appropriately.

Must be hell to get those wings through the door.

When your mom finds your basement stash.

Wasps in the mist.
They just got into the cheetos.

Man is the warmest place to hide...for all about one minute.

"This wasn't the reception I had in mind!"

"And this one's Waspinator Jr.!"
She's just stabbing that corpse's eye to be a jerk.

It's a girl...watch out for the new queen, missie.

Turns out, putting that rival bee hive into the oven was a poor-thought idea.
Yeah...have fun with that.

And you maids thought humans made the worst messes to clean up.

The comedy act that sent millions...screaming and running after buying tickets.

The 'Back at the Barnyard' finale recieved harsh criticism for this.