“All hail the kaiju machines”

Films: Ultraman Geed the Movie: Connect the Wishes! (2018)

Alias: Gillvalis (Girubarisu, Gilbaris), the Galactron army

Type: Alien

Location: Eldritch Location/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: 75 meters and 97,000 metric tons.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: What was it with some of the Ultraman movies and their obsession with kaiju that were basically "more dakka" personified?! Also, there sure were a lot of mech-based villains out there. And this one can do a lot more than just turn people into pretty rocks. No, you're getting turned into pure data instead!

History: Hailing from the planet Kushia, Gillvalis was an enigmatic AI that sought to purify the entire universe. But in his eyes, all organic life was too contradictory and flawed to continue existing, so he sought out to purge all planets of life and turn them into cyber worlds. And he's got the artillery to back it up. His main trump card is an army of mass-produced Galactrons, both mk.1 and mk.2 varieties, that can turn anything into data. Only Ultraman Geed and his friends can hope to stop Gillvalis before he digitizes the planet and takes the Red Steel he seeks on it.

Notable Kills: One of the Galactrons kills a good alien human with a missile barrage. Strangely, she is still without a scratch as she dies.

Final Fate: With some encouragement, Geed uses the Red Steel to become a new Ultra form, and with some help from other Ultramen and Jugglus Juggler himself, he defeats the Galactron army. However, once they get to Gillvalis' world, they find that he's become his Perfect Form. After a fierce battle, all the Ultramen manage to destroy the form, leaving Gillvalis' core to try and retreat. Geed proceeds to slice the AI in half, releasing the Earth from the grip of the cyber.

Powers/Abilities: Gillvalis is practically invincible, as no known weapon can pierce his core. He can also fire electrical beams, and has an army of Galactrons and human-sized Valis Raiders at his beck and call. But his greatest tactic is digitizing whatever he sees, and making them a part of his code. As Perfect Gillvalis, he has Valis Torretta turrets, hand guns, Valis Distort ray guns, the Valisucchione gun, the Valis Luce barrier, and a roar that can control other machines. He can also switch to the Valis Bracchia Salvo Mode, which basically gives him more guns and enables the Valis Daltifi, which is basically where he unloads all of his ammo at once.

Weakness: Only the Giga Finalizer, made from the Red Steel, can piece Gillvalis' core. Also, he can be hacked a bit.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-As usual, we shudder at giant aliens turning us into inanimate objects. But being turned into a bunch of zeros and ones? That's something else entirely. Put that on top of cloning one of the deadlier robots in the series and making the Perfect Form a Galactron mascot of the NRA, and you've got one Hell of a well-intentioned extremist.

Trivia: -The name Gilbaris is a typo as a result of an English mistranslation. Not our fault, this time!

-Originally, Gillvaris was designed as some sort of turtle-like being known as the Iron Devil, a sort of "Mecha Gamera", as they described. Was Darebolic not enough for them?

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Fight the power! What? I had to say it.
"Stop...in the name of rawr!"

Skynet took a very interesting career choice in becoming a kaiju.

"There are...no strings on me."

Bask in his glory. If only he wasn't mass-produced.