“Lake Putrid”

Films: Creature Lake (2015)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Lake

Height/Weight: Possibly that of a small whale.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: When the idiots come on in to trample on sacred ground, spirits and angry ghosts get roused most of the time. But in this case, the one pitching a fit about its property being invaded is no person. It is a monster. A monster with plenty of connections.

History: One day in the American woodlands, a bunch of dimwits looking for a great place to party and desecrate sacred ground stumbled upon a strange small creature beached on the lake. This was of course after many, MANY long minutes of futzing around and occasionally meeting the strange locals. Naturally, they shot the thing to death. But little did they know that it, and the people here, are in favor to Gitaskog, a massive water creature that does NOT take kindly to trespassers. Thus, its minions set out to kill the perpetrators.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Eventually, after most of the cast is killed by Gitaskog's mutated followers, the locals reveal themselves as a cult to the beast, and sacrifice the main idiots to it. Now, no one's going to want to come to this area.

Powers/Abilities: Can infect people with a sort of blight that turns willing people into brutal and insane beasts.

Weakness: None.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-It would help if we saw more than ten seconds of the Gitaskog in action as opposed to its followers, but it does try a little. Unfortunately, the CGI's not up to snuff, it looks like a big bloated thumb with tentacles, and it only seemed to unleash the cult upon the people because they were unapologetic twats. Respect the forest or die, apparently.

Trivia: -In Native American mythology, more specifically the Abenaki people, the Gitaskog (or Tatoskok) is a massive horned river serpent that feasts on anyone who dares go near lakes and rivers.

-There were a lot of different ideas for what the Gitaskog would look like in this film. Some looked more reptilian, others resembled bloated toothy catfish, and a couple even had fur. But almost all of them had tentacles, and didn't quite look like a serpent.

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