“Wolves on the run”

Films: Wer (2013)

Alias: Talan Gwynek, Gavin Flemyng

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The curse of the werewolf bites. Literally and figuratively. But some handle it better than others. Doesn't mean they don't both think it sucks, though.

History: Recently, Romanian immigrant Talan Gwynek has been accused of murdering a family. His mom claims that he has a disease that affects every male in the family, rendering him weak...as long as he doesn't transform into a savage werewolf, or really just a guy in a perpetual berserker state. Some actually go to bat for Talan, but then a guy named Gavin gets infected with the curse...

Notable Kills: Talan brutalizes an entire firing squadron by himself.

Final Fate: Talan and Gavin, now both werewolves, fight each other until the latter strangles Talan into submission. To this day, Talan remains unfound while Gavin tries to keep his curse a secret.

Powers/Abilities: A werewolf has enhanced strength, and can spread the curse with only a wound. They can also survive heavy damage.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, though usual killing blows can daze them.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-There's really nothing much that indicates that these guys are werewolves aside from the animalistic behavior and sharp teeth. But then again, facing these werewolves is like facing bare-fisted warriors that live to kill. In short, you're screwed once you hear the cracking of bones during the transformation.

Trivia: -Despite being billed mainly as a found footage film, this was mostly not the case in the end.

-This film was in the production pipeline for 10 months.

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More like brought to the streets.

The calm before it all went to Hell.

"I can never be Saitama. NEVER!"
Though the power of chest-hair!

Might want to clear the streets even further.

"This is my new friend. SAY HELLO, NEW FRIEND!"