“Knockoff in Disguise”

Films: Hornet (2018)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Desert/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of a small car.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: In 2018, director Travis Knight defied the expectations of pretty much everyone, and made a "Transformers" live-action movie that not only wasn't a complete waste of time and money, but was a legitimately awesome and heartwarming flick that made us forgive Bumblebee for all his overexposure (as well as possibly validate each and every avid humanXCybertronian supporter). Alas...this is not quite that story.

History: Hornet was a robot secretly made from alien technology. Now, he's in the hands of some really irritating vloggers who love to show off their creation. But this is not the time for such trivial things. Those same aliens are back, and they’re using brainwashing tech to turn humans into mindless destructive zombies. Only Hornet can stop them now.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: In the end, Hornet seemingly sacrifices himself to blow up the alien ship responsible for the havoc. But there is still a lot going on in this world, and Hornet arrives just in time to get his friends to safety and continue the fight.

Powers/Abilities: Flight, laser guns.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 1-Hornet is, for one thing, completely on our side. He loves his human creators, even if he views some of them as a-holes. Also, the CGI that makes him is the typical Asylum guff. We'll take a Decepticon invasion over his alien precursors' idiocy any time.

Trivia: -In you REALLY want to be generous, Hornet shares a lot in common with a character from the original G1 "Transformers" continuity. That is, the titular mistake of "B.O.T.", one of the most despised episodes in the series. Basic summary, a couple of sociopathic kids manage to make a hyper-intelligent and hyper-ugly robot out of scrap and the brain of f*cking Brawl of all Decepticons (you can blame Swindle for this), and it ultimately gets itself killed blowing up a cannon that Megatron put it in charge of. No one ever spoke of it again, and rightly so.

-Actually, man-made Transformers didn't stop there. Another example was in the much better "Transformers: Prime", in an episode where the psychotic human Sylas and his organization M.E.C.H constructed a replica of Optimus Prime (this continuity's version of Nemesis Prime) to wreak havoc, only for the actual Autobot and Agent Fowler to take them both out, the fake bot permanently and Silas being left in critical condition. It was, like a lot of things in the franchise, a far cry from "B.O.T".

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Like Whirl and Bumblebee had a sparkling.
Scratch that. This is Bumblebee's lesser Decepticon brother.
"Detecting: This will not be as great as Bumblebee x Charlie."