“Spirit of the Wolf”

Films: Monsterwolf (2010)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: That of an average bear.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: It's that kind of movie. The one where the corporation tries to desecrate sacred land and gets punished for it. To some, this is a horror scenario. To us, it's actually something of a power fantasy...provided that no innocents get caught in the crossfire. And in this case, they do.

History: Long ago, a Native American tribe found that their ways could not protect them from the encroaching white man. But one of them found it within himself to perform a forbidden ritual to bestow upon himself the power of the wolf. Thus, overnight he was transformed into the Kachinawea, a violent wolf spirit that could destroy any in its path. However, after a while, the beast was sealed away. That didn't stop an oil drilling company from stepping all over the place. Enraged by the desecration of his land, the man-turned monster wolf rose again to tear the humans to pieces.

Notable Kills: Launches into a helicopter in spirit form, and causes it to explode.

Final Fate: After killing the man who started this whole thing, the Kachinawea is finally put down when someone uses a shotgun to fire a sacred amulet into it, sending it back to the Afterlife.

Powers/Abilities: The Kachinawea is immune to all weaponry, and can turn into a powerful ghostly being to destroy larger targets.

Weakness: A special tooth-shaped amulet is the key to sealing it away.

Scariness Factor: 3-The CGI really puts a dent in how memorable this mangy wolf spirit is. It doesn’t help that we barely see it until the end. Also, it was mainly attacking people who had it coming. With that said, the practical prop used in close-ups isn't all that bad.

Trivia: -Ironically, one of the characters opposed to the Kachinawea had played as a werewolf in "The Howling".

-On the subject of wolves in Native American folklore, they are often symbols of courage and strength. In some cultures, the wolf is even credited with the creation of the world itself.

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Maybe setting that up in the middle of town was a bad idea.

Balto, calm down!

Not a very good Monster Hunter boss, really.

Coming to Peacock, or something.
As well as improbable stealth powers.

Chasing after cars has greater consequences.