“Evil's hardly even ash right now”

Films: Evil Dead (2013)

Alias: Various, notably the Deadites and the Abomination

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Haunted Home

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Many decades ago, we were introduced to the franchise that put Bruce Campbell on the map. Now, we return to tales of cursed tomes and ravenous undead...but with somehow more and less bite than before.

History: Just as before, there's a cabin in the woods of Tennessee, and the last person who lived there left behind a couple weapons, the remains of carnage, and a horrific book of the dead known as the Naturom Demonto, AKA the Necronomicon. Some vacationers decide to read some of it, and all Hell breaks loose. One of them, Mia, is possessed by a demon called the Abomination, and now she's after everyone, hoping to possess them all into monstrous Deadites.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After just about everyone is dead and Mia has been exorcised, the Abomination comes back in a form like hers. She proceeds to take a chainsaw to its head, ending the stranglehold that evil had on the land. Oh, and Ash shows up for no reason at all.

Powers/Abilities: Possession through physical, mostly sexual, contact, the summoning of demonic forces.

Weakness: Certain rituals can break possessions, such as burying the possessed alive and reviving them afterwards. But dismemberment always works too.

Scariness Factor: 4-There may not be as much diversity of monsters as there were before, but you'd better believe the gore was cranked up to 11. The acts of the Necronomicon's beings are a thousand times more brutal and vile in nature, be it through mutilation or breaking you with you deepest dread. Just don't read that goddamn book!

Trivia: -This film holds the record for most fake blood used, a record previously held by "Dead Alive". As in, more than 50,000 gallons worth of it. To give you an idea, Peter Jackson's film only had 1,000.

-Originally, Mia and Ash were supposed to meet in the end. Later plans involved more "Evil Dead" movies being made, with Mia and Ash in separate films with different tones before a crossover commenced. Alas, such ambition never happened, but the franchise lived on with "Ash vs. Evil Dead".

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Or, at the very least, the most disturbing.

Not only was she possessed, but she DID keep hiding the remote behind the cushions.

The TRUE use of Chain-Pain.
In the middle of Sherewood Forest? For shame.

She's just overreacting to yet another (but more ambitious) horror remake.

We REALLY don't want to stick around for this. You know the scene...
Still chasing people to this day?

Can you say "Fetish Retardent"?

Guess what? These demons are INSANE!!!
Do not even LOOK at it.

Bring the kids!