“Making a list...checking it twice...”

Films: Krampus (2015)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Twice that of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: You know him from countless Christmas horror stories. You have seen various interpretations of him throughout media. But now, we confront you with perhaps the scariest version of the holiday boogeyman of them all. And it all starts on what is already gearing up to be the worst Christmas ever...

History: The Krampus has existed since time immemorial. Its purpose is to track down anyone who dares to lose their holiday spirit, regardless as to what the circumstances might be. From there, the perpetrator and all surrounding him or her is assaulted by an army of mostly toy-themed monsters at the Krampus' beck and call. These include killer gingerbread men(Clumpy, Lumpy, and Dumpy), a giant snake-like Jack-in-the-Box called Der Klown, monstrous teddy bears, among other horrors. And for a modern American family acting like a-holes to each other, the nightmare is about to begin...

Notable Kills:...except not really. See Final Fate.

Final Fate: By the time it's all over, the kid who inadvertently started this whole mess stands before the Krampus himself, who is carrying all of his family in a sack right over a fiery pit leading to Hell. The sack is dropped and the boy is sent in there with them...and then it turns out that they’re all okay, just in time for the holidays, and much nicer to each other. But now, the Krampus is constantly looking over them via snow globe, along with many, many others. It was all a means of scaring them straight. And to say it worked would be a gross understatement.

Powers/Abilities: The Krampus is immortal, and can pop up wherever he likes, trapping people in a nightmare where he calls the shots. He is also implied to be the one who created all of the monsters he unleashes, and can spy on those he haunted via snow globes.

Weakness: If the one who got his attention regains his or her holiday spirit, the Krampus will end the nightmare.

Scariness Factor: 4-You'd better feel lucky that this holiday demon is willing to let you and your loved ones live if you decide to stop being such a downer on Christmas. But until then, you'll be assaulted by his minions in all of their horrific, though at times amusing, glory. And then there's the big guy himself, who looks like Santa Claus with horns and a hollowed-out corpse for a head. And by the way, that's not his real face. What he really looks like, we'll never know...

Trivia: -Krampus has his origins in the time of European paganism. His name comes from the German word "krampen", or claw. He was described as a possible son of Hel, and was a half-goat humanoid that was only associated with Christmas around the 17th century. From there, he was seen as a demonic slave of Santa, punishing naughty children by beating them with a whip and/or carrying them to Hell.

-A tie-in comic for this film, "Krampus: The Shadow of St. Nicholas", pretty much confirms that the beast does not kill his victims, and just makes sure that they never repeat their mistakes again. It doesn't make the whole affair any less scary, though.

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For he is ALWAYS watching.

For Christmas, you get a toothbrush.
And suddenly, the roof caves.

"We are Krampus' elves! You are stuck in Hell!"
"Which way to Mars? Santa owes me one."

Farquaad's last known sight.

The rejected Care Bear, everybody.

"No, I don't give out ponies to the girls that proved to be good. Too expensive for mere mortals."
There goes my vore fetish.

Cue a Betty Boop song because we need some levity.