“Big things have confusing beginnings”

Films: Prometheus (2011)

Alias: The Engineers (Space Jockeys), the Trilobite, the Deacon (Proto-Xenomorph), Hammerhead

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a cobra to that of a bison.

Affiliation: Neutral (Trilobite, Deacon, Hammerhead), Evil (the rest)

Summary: For those of you who remember one of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy, you've probably been wondering how those horrible things came into being. Well the truth is weirder in fiction, and when you have a director who can't stop retconning his own work, things get baffling. But let's pretend that "Covenant" never happened for a brief, blissful second, and see how people once thought the Xenomorph scourge started.

History: Far away from our galaxy is the planet known as LV-22. It is believed that our own precursors came from this place, and we are indeed right. These "Engineers" are major experimenters at heart, and have given rise to at least two different life forms. One is humanity, and the other...was a grand mistake. As the visiting humans painfully discover, this is not where the Engineers live. Most of them left this desolate planet in the dust because of one of their creations. That being a bizarre black goo that produces horrible creatures that make everything they and/or the goo touch worse. And what's more? There's still at least one Engineer left, and he's not keen on mankind trying to learn their secrets...

Notable Kills: Beats Mr. Weyland himself to nothing with a decapitated and still living android head.

Final Fate: One thing leads to another, and when the Engineer attempts to leave on his ship to get his kind to destroy humanity, said ship is rammed by one of ours, and is destroyed. However, the Engineer survives, pursues the only human survivor...only to be confronted by a horrifying newborn monstrosity born from said survivor and a man infected by the goo. This "Trilobite" shoves tentacles down the alien's throat...and then they both die. However, as the human escapes with the android's alive head, a new creature called a Deacon bursts out of the dead Engineer. A horrible monster that bears a striking resemblance to the horror that would haunt the galaxy forever...as for the other Engineers, that android would later dump a bunch of black mist onto them and get them all killed. And it would be the only good thing to happen in "Covenant". That film is worse than this one, fight me.

Powers/Abilities: The Engineers can sustain a ton of damage, and are incredibly strong. The goo can also malform anything that ingests it, or mutate life forms into all sorts of creatures.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, though the Trilobite automatically dies upon impregnating something.

Scariness Factor: 4-Because it's tied to the Xenomorphs, of course everything on this accursed planet would be a nightmare. The Engineers are a bunch of stone-faced juggernauts who would prefer to use their fists instead of their words, but it's that goo that takes center stage here. It either turns things into mindless deformed zombies or awful creatures, one of which is graphically removed from a person's uterus! It is one of the most sickening scenes in the entire franchise, and had it not been for the retcons, THAT would have been how the Xenomorphs started.

Trivia: -Many people are still scratching their heads as to what the Deacon's purpose was in the grand scheme of things, seeing how the Neomorphs were in fact the prototypes. Some side-media suggests that it grew into a mountain-sized beast on the planet, but like everything else, that too is dubious.

-This film had an insanely troubled production. Among the many things that went awry was how it was originally a straight prequel called "Alien: Engineers". Several things were different, such as the goo being replaced by alien scarabs, the Engineers being MUCH taller and having actually interacted with primitive man, dozens of plot holes/idiotic character moments were averted, one guy turns into a massive Xenomorph/human hybrid instead of a zombie, Weyland wanted to terraform Mars with Engineer tech, and the dead Engineer would give rise to a variant known as the Ultramorph. Alas, such an awesome premise was not meant to be, and a combination of Fox executives and Scott's own indecisiveness tore it to bits.

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