“Arana de fuego”

Films: Lavalantula (2015), 2 Lava 2 Lantula (2016)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient

Location: Mountains/Civilized Area/Forest

Height/Weight: Up to that of large buildings.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: There are two things that no one seems to want to around. Okay, there are many other things, but for this argument's sake, let's assume the worst are fire and spiders. The former is understandable, but the latter is just a result of our odd phobia of arthropods. Put them together though, and you have yourself not only something only the Syfy channel would come up with, but a legitimate threat.

History: Somewhere in the mountains of Santa Monica, the place has erupted, and out of the mountains come balls of fire...which are in fact ancient rock-based spiders that have become one with the magma below! Now, the entirety of Los Angeles is under attack by the monstrous arachnids, and only a motely film crew can hope to stop them all!

Notable Kills: The studio massacre, any time someone gets full of Lavalantula eggs.

Final Fate: Every single time the Lavantulas rise again, they always bring a massive queen...that is always blown up, usually via liquid nitrogen bomb. Either way, it's gotten to the point where people have developed weapons to counter the spiders should they appear again.

Powers/Abilities: Lavantulas can breathe fire, and are dangerously hot to the touch. They also lay eggs in people.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though liquid nitrogen stops them instantly.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Once again, Syfy's utterly low standards for CGI tarnish a lot of scares these creatures could have provided. Once again, we have Syfy monsters that are genuinely designed to look rather intimidating. Just imagine giant molten spiders with demonic faces coming at you and cooking you just by swarming you. And that's before one of them grows to kaiju-size.

Trivia: -The appearance of Fin Shepard from "Sharknado" confirms that this film takes place in the same universe. At least this film didn't get a metric ton of increasingly worse sequels.

-A monstrous spider from the mountains of myth is the Tsuchigumo, a Yokai said to have the body of the spider but the head of a demonic human or even a tiger. Their name meaning "ground spider", they were often used to represent the outsiders that the folk didn't trust, and were masters of deceit, much like their female counterparts, the Jorogumo.

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And spiders crawl. We get it.

"Wasn't my car! Gotta go!"

Vin Deisel is shaking his head quite a bit.
"Does anybody smell a butt burning?"

You're jogging...in THESE conditions!
"Who killed you with fire down below? You're looking at him, yo!"

Ever heard of a fang manicure?

Cue a random boss theme playing.

Mexican Lavalantulas don't screw around during meal-time.

Get ready for the SECOND Arachnoquake.