“The Autumn Moon remains bright”

Films: The Wolf Man (2010)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Forest

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: All the way back in the 40s, Hollywood gave us the quintessential werewolf movie. In the decades that followed, filmmakers have been perfecting the genre bit by bit. But now, we return to basics, and teach an old dog some new tricks...

History: The curse of the Wolfman started with the vile Sir John Talbott, who saw great power in it, and had no qualms with murdering his wife and one of his sons, nor did he take any issue with allowing his remaining son Lawrence get committed to an asylum to get away from all the trauma. Years later, Lawrence ends up bitten by a werewolf himself. Of course it turns out to be his dad later, but for the moment, the countryside of London has a wolf-man problem.

Notable Kills: Heads fly, parts are ripped off, a man ends up flayed, and...

Final Fate: After finding out just how much his dad screwed up his whole life, Lawrence dukes it out with him in after they both transform. The admittingly over-the-top fight ends with Sir John getting set on fire and having his head swiped off. As for Lawrence, his love is forced to shoot him in the chest with a silver bullet. But one of the inspectors got bitten earlier...

Powers/Abilities: Can transfer the curse with a bite, superb agility, great strength.

Weakness: Only active under a full moon, decapitation, silver bullets.

Scariness Factor: 4-Some odd CGI aside, this is perhaps the most frightening version of the Wolfman there will ever be. Aside from looking positively primal, this Lawrence is as violent as they come, and rips through crowds of people as if they were paper. Bottom line, you don't get out of an encounter alive.

Trivia: -Lawrence was played by Benicio del Toro, an acclaimed Puerto Rican actor who was a huge fan of the original, and leapt into the role with gusto.

-Originally, Lawrence was going to fling himself off a cliff so that he'd stop killing everyone, leaving the film open to a sequel due to his durability. Also, original drafts had less Wolfman action and more character development.

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I'm sorry, WHAT Dark Universe?

What really kicked off the better conditions at asylums.

Oh, hey, dear old dad. How's only having one image here?
A true legend reborn. You have the floor this time.

Only a forest had to hear this howl once. Now...
Couples fight all the time, but...

If this was a modern-day remake, replace this with a furry-con.
A legend caked in black and red.

"Peace, dude!"