“Wrestling's even more fake than before.”

Films: Real Steel (2011)

Alias: Various, notably Atom, Ambush, Noisy Boy, Midas, Metro, Twin Cities, Gridlock, and Danger Zone, Axel Rod, and Zeus

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Three times that of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Good

Summary: At some point, we just got to admit that pitting two testosterone-poisoned individuals against each other in hand-to-hand combat is about as humane and exciting as a drunken hazing. As in, it's only fun until someone gets their skull cracked or starts hoarding all the money from it (looking at YOU, Vince). Inevitably, mankind grows bored of this, and might want something with no strings attached. Something with three times the carnage and possibilities, but no harm at all. Thus, we got a live-action Rock-em, Sock-em Robots out of it.

History: Not too far into the future, the state of robotics is so advanced that we've...replaced wrestlers with giant remote-controlled robots. We could think of a billion other uses for such tech, but whatever, it's cool. As one might guess, human wrestlers have been rendered obsolete, there are still illegal matches around the world, and for the longest time, the title of World Champion has been hogged by Zeus, one of the most powerful robots out there. For a washed-up wrestler, his hope of being anyone lies in his estranged son and Atom, a decommissioned sparring bot once used for former champion Gamma that they dredged from a junkyard. But with a few upgrades and a can-do attitude, Atom and his saviors will quickly go from zeroes to heroes.

Notable Kills: At one point, Zeus won a fight by simply smashing Gridlock's head between his fists.

Final Fate: After rising up the ranks for some time, Atom is pitted against Zeus, and actually lasts longer than any other bot ever has. Alas, Zeus is saved by the bell, but Atom and his controllers become the people's champions. Thus, everyone still got what they wanted. Remember kids, even if the corporations don't think you're the winner, you're one regardless if you have the respect of your friends and regular people in general. That's...actually a really good lesson.

Powers/Abilities: All robots come with a few unique tricks. Atom in particular can copy and internalize the moves of whoever's controlling him, a trick known as shadowcopying.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, though some are flimsy enough to be beaten by regular animals.

Scariness Factor: 2-Sure, some of the robots can be a bit intimidating, such as the insanely violent and powerful Zeus, but there is no sign of the A.I. going rogue and leaving us at the mercy of an army of muscled-out robots. Most of them look like people anyhow, so while a couple instances of uncanny valley are inevitable, most are completely approachable, especially the humble Atom.

Trivia: -This film was based on a short story made for "The Twilight Zone", simply titled "Steel". Differences are numerous, but the real sticking point is the original's ending, in which the owner of his robot spends most of the time impersonating his robot, gets beaten up for it, and yet still finds the funds and determination to repair his old friend and get back in the ring. It's more of a "test of man's will to move on" sort of story.

-The few times the robots were practical effects required at least twenty puppeteers at a time.

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Nowhere near as that real Iron Man guy's tagline...

"Had we've been sentient, this would be the start of a horror movie."

Two heads are better than none, as they'll soon figure out.
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"Rome burned to the ground, dummy! I'm just speeding up the process!"

Rock-Em, Sock-Em, Obliterate-Em Robots.

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