“Jotunn Jo-done”

Films: The Ritual (2017)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: That of an average elephant.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Some beings just revel in the amount of pagan worship they get from the masses. But even the most psychotic of followers will do just fine. And when you happen to be a lesser deity with a hankering for ritual sacrifice, it's practically a blessing. To all those who dare enter the woods, beware of Moder, but more importantly, beware her followers.

History: One of many bastard children of Loki, Moder was a Jotunn lurking in the woods of northern Sweden. A whole cult had formed around her, joining her in the forest she was imprisoned in. Worshipping her as a God of everlasting life, they sacrificed anything and anyone to her in exchange for immortality. But the cultists age without actually staying young and fresh, and they are all certifiably insane. Moder is no better, as she revels in killing everything she sees. No one even knows if she eats her kills or not. And then a bunch of regular folks come waltzing into her domain. It won't be long before both she and the cultists descend upon them.

Notable Kills: Moder's free time consists of impaling things as big as elk and bears on trees.

Final Fate: Most of the visitors are killed by either cultists or Moder, but at the same time, the cult is left decimated, and the survivor leaves the evil Jotun in the dust. Whether she will live with most of her followers gone or not is anyone's guess...

Powers/Abilities: Moder is immortal, and can grant that immortality for others as well. She can also peer into your mind, and inflict terrifying hallucinations upon you.

Weakness: The borders of the woods keep Moder from going anywhere else, and she will be forced to stop upon going near them.

Scariness Factor: 4-Everything about Moder is downright unsettling. Her appearance is by far one of the most unique and twisted movie forest creature designs in decades, the people who worship her often end up as over-aged mummies, her words are from a language lost to time, and she will not hesitate to make you an eviscerated trophy if you come too close. Had it not been for that barrier, she would be a threat to every single creature in Europe.

Trivia: -Moder's name means "Mother" in Norse.

-The term Jotunn is a rather ambiguously-defined term in Norse mythology. It is often used to describe Nordic giants, but it's also a means of describing deities and beings that are often the precursors of Gods like Odin. They could be beautiful humanoids or obscene monsters. It is said that the first Jotunn survived the death of their father, the great giant Ymir, by sailing across his blood.

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What happens in these woods truly does STAY in these woods.
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