“Lionheart of doom”

Films: Monstrum (2018)

Alias: Chorong

Type: Mutant

Location: Forest/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Twice that of an average rhino.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Even during the days of emperors and sword-swinging, there were always ways for humans to abuse nature. Back then, if an animal looked large and intimidating, they either kept their distance and wrote myths about them, or they tried to make them into war machines. Or at the very least beasts of burden. They could have never have guessed the terror this one would bring to their gates.

History: During the Ming Dynasty, the emperor commissioned his men to bring him the most dangerous animals they could find. One of them was a harmless cat-like baby that the feeder named Chorung. However, when soldiers stormed the keep and began killing all the animals, the feeder kept Chorung in hiding. But years of drinking/eating from contaminated water full of human remains turned the beast homicidal, and when it grew up, it escaped and proceeded to turn almost everywhere around the city into a death trap. Now, many are being sent to take down this "Monstrum". But just as they come, they never come back, and Monstrum won't settle for the woods any longer.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Monstrum assaults the main palace of the emperor, killing many along the way. However, the ones who have survived encounters with her the most manage to lure her into a tower full of fireworks. KABOOM! It may not reduce the beast to pieces, but it does kill her.

Powers/Abilities: Monstrum's hide is near-impenetrable. And any wound she does receive she can shrug off rather quickly.

Weakness: Heavy artillery. Also, the rattle from her childhood can pacify her a bit.

Scariness Factor: 4-Monstrum is everything people fear about big cats rolled into one unstoppable predatory package. Entire armies fall to this monster's huge maw, and almost all conventional weaponry is a mere inconvenience to her. Sure, she looks absolutely adorable as a cub, but as full-grown, she's a furry tank covered in scars and sores from the mutation. Putting her down almost felt like a mercy for everyone involved, her included.

Trivia: -Monstrum is a lot like a vicious version of a Chinese Guardian Lion, a very frequent statue seen at Chinese temples. In their culture, the Chinese Lion, or Shishi, was a symbol of power and good fortune that warded off evil spirits and nefarious humans.

-Originally, this film was referred to as "Mulgoe", a possible alias for the monster.

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He's tasted blood before and he'll do so again!

"I'm not trapped in here with you...you're trapped with me!"
Pose later! Survive now!

A roar enough to shake the ground!
Maybe shining a light in his eyes was a bad idea.