“Several heads are worse than one”

Films: 2-Headed shark Attack (2012), Three-Headed Shark Attack (2015), Five-Headed Shark Attack (2017), Six-Headed Shark Attack (2017)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: Ocean

Height/Weight: Twice that of an average great white.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: It only makes sense, doesn't it? The deadliest fish in the sea can only be deadlier if it's bigger, AND it has extra sets of teeth to eat people with. Alas, The Asylum gives us a fine example of milking such an idea dry even before "Sharknado" became a thing...

History: The first shark of such ferocity had two heads, and there was no explanation for why it was there. It just was. And it gave a lot of people Hell. The following multi-headed sharks would follow a similar route, except they'd be growing more heads to the point of absurdity.

Notable Kills: Anytime the shark scores a mutual kill with its heads. The more, the better.

Final Fate: The two-headed shark gets killed by a motor boat explosion, the three-headed one ends up chewing at itself during a feeding frenzy so much that it dies of blood loss, the five-headed one gets taken out by a bomb, and the six-headed one is killed by a more makeshift explosive. Also, it's heads start trying to eat each other soon afterward.

Powers/Abilities: The sharks can regrow their heads, and traverse on land for longer than most sharks.

Weakness: Heavy artillery. Also, they can only loose so much blood before expiring, and they will often eat their own heads.

Scariness Factor: 3-On a purely conceptual level, these sharks just keep getting scarier. The last two sharks in particular are like something out of a nightmare with just how unnatural they all look, especially the five-headed one's tail-mouth/fifth head. But unfortunately, all of them are bogged down by horrible CGI, and it just keeps getting worse with each film. Just let sleeping franchises lie, already!

Trivia: -It is not impossible for animals to inexplicably grow extra heads. It is known as polycephaly, and it mostly occurs in snakes and turtles. It is usually a result of there being conjoined twins.

-At one point, fisherman found dead two-headed shark pups, two of them belonging to a bull shark and a blue shark respectively. Some have speculated that it is a result of pollution from overfishing.

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1 love for this body of water, too. Just look down...

Psyche! Franchise zombie!

Sigh...that was awful. We'll just say that.

Remember. They're nature's trash cans.

Just put the shark species out of its misery, Asylum!
When in doubt, go topless.

This guy sure knows how to go overboard.

Oh, and they also eat this kind of trash.

Alright. Which brother agreed to the surgery?
A Zombie Two-Headed Shark? Aw, geez...

Sometimes, practical effects aren't always the best option.

Give a shark three psyches, expect utter madness in their heads.

"Say I'm not fat! SAY IT!"


The beaches are nice at night...sometimes.
Wave goodbye...

"HEY! We heard it was couple's swim day!"

Guess the mutation predicted how the Asylum would abuse this race of mutants.

Good luck sharing that among the other four heads!