“Ant steps on you”

Films: Dead Ant (2017)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Desert/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Up to that of small cars.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Tales of rock bands slowly losing steam, or even losing it instantly, are sadly common. You can only hold a team together for so long if your ego takes the front and center. But a truly quick way to annihilate any and all hope of your band's future is to put them through a fantastical nightmare brought about by the arrogance of man...and lots of drugs too.

History: For years, the Native American tribes that live in the deserts of California have cultivated a special brand of peyote known as The Sun. It is a gateway to pure enlightenment and bliss. HOWEVER, anyone who takes it must not intentionally bring harm to any of the creatures lest they invoke spiritual wrath. Naturally, a washed-up glam rock band doesn't heed the warnings, and after taking The Sun in preparation for a comeback, one of them pisses all over some ants. Big mistake. The band and everyone currently in the desert is soon assaulted by an army of giant ants over 1000 strong, each of them getting bigger the more they are killed.

Notable Kills: The very first person is swarmed by smaller ants, and can only walk so long before falling apart.

Final Fate: After the entire enlarged colony descends upon the concert, the band finally decides to sing...and the music causes the ants' heads to explode. In spite of being the ones who started this whole mess, they are hailed as heroes.

Powers/Abilities: For every ant that is killed, the others will increase in size and numbers.

Weakness: Anything conventional, but to kill them all at once, one must find harmony, or at least some form of fulfillment. That, or they all just really hate music. The curse itself only lasts for a day.

Scariness Factor: 3-These ants are only a slight step above Syfy levels of CGI. It's rather hard to believe that they are there most of the time, but at least they come in droves. Also, the concept of an endless horde of giant animals out to get your for being an a-hole isn't exactly a light scenario. Especially when those animals are voracious black fire ants.

Trivia: -Peyote is often translated as Nahuatl for "divine messenger". It's a spineless desert cactus that, when ingested, pretty much acts like natural LSD due to it containing the psychedelic chemical mescaline.

-This film was directed by Ron Carlson, who had previously produced "Unnatural". He was opting for a warmer climate when he started this one.

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All that was left after that fateful day.
They survived the day. Might as well reward them with their own mount.
The prequel to the starting scene of Them?
Not the roadie they want.