“A out-of-this-world road trip”

Films: Paul (2011)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Eldritch Location/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Half that of an average human.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: When one thinks of the Grey aliens up to this point, chances are they conjure up horrific emotionless beings who want nothing more than to experiment on and torture whatever their ships pick up. But sometimes...they're just a little lost. One in particular meant no harm, and yet still ended up on an epic quest with a few losers to get back home.

History: Sixty years ago, an alien ship crashed in the Southwestern U.S. The occupant, named Paul by a young girl, was nursed back to health before being taken by government agents. For the next few decades, he spent time in Area 51, learning about Earth's culture and even the entire English language. But one day, he escaped, hoping to contact his race to get out of here. In the process, he buddies up with two nerds headed for Comic-Con, and the three soon set out to get Paul home. But the government is hot on their tail, particularly a nasty official known as The Big Guy...as in, Sigourney Weaver.

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: After the trio makes it to the Devil's Tower, where the mothership will be landing, said ship arrives just in time to land directly on The Big Guy, but not before Paul nearly dies healing one of his friends. After the aliens and the humans make peace, Paul leaves with them and the girl who helped him, seeing an opportunity to give her a new life after he accidentally ruined hers. The ship sets off, looking a lot like something from an album cover of the Electric Light Orchestra...

Powers/Abilities: Paul can read minds, turn invisible, and heal other life forms regardless of whether they're alive or not.

Weakness: All of his powers hurt him to some capacity. His mind-reading strains his head, he can only be invisible if he holds his breath, and his healing powers damage him depending on the size of the other one.

Scariness Factor: 1-There is really nothing intimidating about this guy at all. He's just a typical fellow who happens to be an alien with an array of cool yet costly powers. He may be a bit of a slacker and he can be quite profane and abrasive at times, but he ultimately does the right thing whenever he has to, and his whole race in general is a very forgiving sort. How we wish more aliens were like Paul, stoner habits and all.

Trivia: -Paul was voiced by Seth Rogen, a rather polarizing comedian/actor who's brand of humor mostly revolves around stoner comedy. And yet, he somehow finds a lot of work in all kinds of films, family-friendly or otherwise. At the very least, he's got one Hell of a funny voice.

-Simon Pegg has expressed a desire to make a sequel, such as one in 2023 called "Pauls". But he has yet to find the budget and the time for such an idea. Personally, we think this film is fine by itself.

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Remember. Political term is extraterrestrial.

Surprised that didn't cause his lungs to expand to ungodly levels.

3 years later, another alien movie makes this less fun.
For once, yes.

(Bird screeches from both sides)

Pray nobody from that tribe catches wind of that special jab.
And, with that, Paul is a stain on the wa-I mean road.

"Still better than the Baby Yoda cosplay."