“A very messed up Easter”

Films: Easter Casket (2013)

Alias: The Easter Bunny

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Up to that of a skyscraper.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: We do NOT need any more killer rabbit films. Especially not ones that do to the egg-spreading lagomorph what horror has kept doing to Santa Claus. But if it means films like this get made...well, we have very little say in the matter anyway. Just take it as it comes.

History: Peter Cottontail has been driven insane recently. The constant push to get his image out of the picture when it comes to Easter has made him swear death upon all of humanity. With his dark magic and manic attitude, few things stand in his way. Among those things is a warrior sent by the Lord to quell all evil. Only time will tell if the battle against the dreaded Easter Bunny is won.

Notable Kills: Explosive eggs and bullet pellets are no dignified way to go.

Final Fate: After accumulating enough power, Peter grows to kaiju-size and begins causing untold havoc. Thankfully, our main hero manages to get inside of him, and set off a bomb. The mad rabbit has less than a second before he's obliterated. However, it is implied that he inhabits the body of a young woman now.

Powers/Abilities: Peter can use explosive Easter eggs, shoot pellets from his other end like they were bullets, and summon an army of killer chicks. Upon growing, he gains fire breath and eye beams. He can also possess people.

Weakness: The Holy Hand Grenade. No, really.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Peter is quietly unnerving, at least. All those human teeth make it a bit hard to look at the crazed puppet on display. However, his rather campy and obnoxiously insane personality makes it a bit hard to take him seriously. His absurd powers certainly don't help.

Trivia: -Peter was voiced by this film's director, Justin Mills.

-The Easter Bunny started as a myth from Germany, with the rabbit acting as a judge of whether the children were good or bad. As time went by, he slowly evolved into a figure not unlike Santa.

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