“The crustacean bond”

Films: Queen Crab (2015)

Alias: Pewee, Goliath

Type: Mutant

Location: Lake/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Twice that of a tank.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The friendship between a human and a beast cannot be described as anything less than splendid. It's easy to find solace in a creature that cannot help but listen whenever you need someone to shoot the breeze with. Of course, this still applies when your friend is a many-ton crab monster.

History: Somewhere in the countryside, a scientist's growth serum seeped into the nearby lake, causing a crab to grow rather large. The scientist's daughter immediately took a liking to the crustacean, and the two became fast friends, the former naming it Pewee. Then her parents got killed in an explosion they let happen like idiots, and Pewee was all she had left. Years passed, and while the girl, Melissa, grew up to be a rather attractive young woman, Pewee grew immensely, got her named changed to Goliath, and was awakened from her lake habitat by a meteorite. Now, she and her new brood are menacing the locals, and a hunt for the dreaded Queen Crab has begun.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After everyone with a loaded gun confronts Goliath, who has long since ran out of eggs to lay, an air raid and their firepower seems to kill the beast. However, it is later shown that the broken remnants of its shell were just another molt, and Goliath is still living peacefully with Melissa at the lake...

Powers/Abilities: An incredibly durable hide, as well as boosted intelligence.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 4-Part of what makes Queen Crab here a bit more unnerving than most cheap monsters is that she's made mostly of stop-motion, which works surprisingly well with jerky arthropods like this one. She's also quite powerful and violent when she wants to be. However, she's ultimately a good creature who doesn't like to be disturbed, and loves her friend Melissa dearly. It's so nice to know they're both still with each other.

Trivia: -Rather unsurprisingly, this film's director, Brett Piper, had also done the special effects for, among other projects, "Arachnia", which had a similar way of using stop-motion and practical props to bring arthropods to life. We argue that he got better with time.

-The only crabs that have been considered to be even remotely domesticable are hermit crabs. They don't require that much care, and they make for fine decorations to that little aquarium of yours anyway.

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Rampage?! Is that you?!
Poking around, Mr. Krab's mom?

You are the WORST hitchhiker!
"The hell are my keys?!"

"I had lobster! Not crab! Please!"
Crab in the headlights.

"Crustacean rights!"