“A parched doctorate”

Films: Soft Matter (2018)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted Home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Sometimes, mad scientists really have to make due with what they got. And in this case, their choice of residence was a total dump. But only such a place would befit a nefarious scheme. A bid to find immortality by bringing back a reluctant deity.

History: Whoever this queen of the sea was, she was a fair and noble being who had seen her share of civil wars between the other ocean creatures, particularly a rebellion instigated by the shark, the swordfish, the eel, and the urchin. Those who fought beside her in that, like the jellyfish and the lobster, were gifted with immortality. Centuries later, and the sea God is long dead. But a couple of scientists in an abandoned laboratory seek to bring her back so that they may discover the key to living forever. By the time the God starts talking, she's adamant that humanity never acquire such a thing, yet the mad doctors keep doing it. Soon, she will be restored as a vengeful fish-woman, and no human in that area will be safe from her ornery wrath.

Notable Kills: Sends a blast towards the intruders that ends up getting a clipboard lodged into an art critic's torso. She at least dies thinking it was the best art meeting ever.

Final Fate: The God is brought to her prime, but she's far from happy. One killing spree throughout the facility later, and she's brought down by a combination of art and explosives. However, the scientists are shown to have succeeded in obtaining her immortality, and it takes more of the same, and some lethal injections, to kill the lead one while the other dies in peace.

Powers/Abilities: Immortality, lightning from her fingers.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-It's a shame, really. She was once such a noble ruler of the ocean before she was robbed of a peaceful rest and driven mad by the egos of a couple of kooky scientists. This ferocious and lightning-powered version of Abe Sapien would have been a greater threat had it not been for her less-than-stellar acting and how easy it was to take her down. But as she says, she is neither good or evil. She's just nature.

Trivia: -The primary filming location was an actual abandoned hospital. Some of the crew were quick to report sightings of ghosts there.

-Oh, and apparently the power died hard during production, forcing everyone to scramble for alternate sources of power and water. What they couldn't find were the meds to keep it from being a very, very, very, very weird movie...

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Science! It's utterly divisive!
May want to invest in some seaweed pants.
"ACK! Tastes like bitter regret in here!"
Sheev Palpatine, Atlantis edition!