“The rusty arm of the law”

Films: Robocop (2014)

Alias: Alex Murphy/RC 2000

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: Some concepts just haven't aged well, have they? In the wake of many events over the course of time, the cops went from protectors to quite possibly the worst people alive, and for all the right reasons. But before everyone realized that the police actually kind of suck, someone still wanted to remake "Robocop". You deserve a veteran's discount if you even remember this one.

History: The story is largely the same. Evil corporation, robots being sent to enforce the law (in this case, they're already terrorizing people on the streets), and a loyal cop named Alex Murphy gets killed on patrol. Though in this case, well, you know how the only good cops are the ones who get fired? Alex got carbombed by rogue officers. Now, on the brink of death, OmniCorp remakes his body into a new and improved cyborg cop. And from there, Alex is a lean mean law-enforcing machine. But alas, his humanity proves infectious, and his family desperately wants him back. You probably know the rest.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After having his emotions toyed with for the last time, Murphy overcomes his programming, and takes out the evil crime lords/fake cops that are holding his family hostage, though not without some heavy injuries in the process. He's soon retrofitted into a body much more akin to his original look, and he can finally start acting like his old self again.

Powers/Abilities: Much like the original, Robocop is a walking armory, with things like guns hidden in his body. Also, he's incredibly fast and agile this time.

Weakness: OmniCorp could literally just shut him down at any moment. At least, until he overcomes it through heroic willpower. From there on out, heavy artillery is the way to go.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-He may not be nearly as bloody and violent as his predecessor, but what bumps this Robocop a bit more upward is a couple of things. One, we see what's left of him after the incident, and in spite of the lack of blood, it's BEYOND unsettling. Also, his new look is a lot more sinister-looking, and he's more robot than man now...or at least until the end. Also, he (for a time) works for a company that's symptomatic of how the police are so quick to inflict violence on the very people they were meant to protect. What does that remind you of?

Trivia: -The director of the original, Paul Verhoeven, was rather displeased by this adaptation, along with the even worse 2012 adaptation of his other work, "Total Recall". He cited both the lack of originality and humor as his main gripes.

-The only person who hates this film more than Verhoeven is its own director, Jose Padilha, who considered it his worst time as a filmmaker ever with how many times Sony swooped in and beat his original ideas to death with executive meddling. He went back to his home in Brazil to further his career, and hasn't made a Hollywood production since.

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