Films: Ghostbusters (2016)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Up to that of a large building.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: In 2016, against the wishes of pretty much everyone in the world, cinema saw it fit to reboot a franchise that had not seen the light of day since the late 80s. That being the Ghostbusters. Thankfully, there were plenty of original ideas to keep it from being a total retread, but sadly not enough to beat it into obscurity. One reason being this scrub of a villain.

History: An outcasted janitor angry at the world for ignoring him, Rowan North decided to unleash his rather poorly justified vengeance on the masses by making contact with the spirit realm. Basically, he'd capture some ghosts, release them into the city, and steadily create enough paranoia and fear to empower him so that he may kill himself and become one of the strongest ghosts around. He was rather quick with the suicide phase, and he had some nifty ghosts on his side, but he had a problem. Standing in his way was an all-woman ensemble of geeks and paranormal enthusiasts up to the task. The Ghostbusters!

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After taking the Ghostbusters' dumbass dude friend for an empowered spin, Rowan decides to become a monstrous ghost in the form of an empowered version of the team's logo. After a rampage, he is finally brought down through a combination of crossing the streams (of course) and a nuclear reactor getting tossed into a portal, sucking all of the ghosts in, Rowan included.

Powers/Abilities: As a ghost, Rowan has total control over the diverse cast of spirits that enter the mortal realm. His powers range from possession to shapeshifting.

Weakness: Conventional means can wound him once he has a physical form, but if you can figure out how to banish him from our realm, that would be nice.

Scariness Factor: 4-Admittingly, Rowan is a spectacularly weak villain, simply lashing out because he didn't feel noticed enough. But then again, even the weakest motive can make for the worst of psychos. And when said psycho can summon an army of dangerous ghosts/demons, as well as possess your friends and turn into a giant monster, it's not hard to see why he had to go.

Trivia: -OOOOOHHHHHH man! The moment this film's entire premise was released, it ignited a firestorm on the internet in which there were three camps. One seeing it as a pandering mess that made them feel less masculine and such (the stupid camp, so to speak), another lauding it as a progressive feminist power fantasy (not unjustified, really), and one just disappointed that Hollywood couldn't put these talented actors in a more original story not riding the coattails of what came before it (the fair camp)

-The only person who ever seemed to really want a "Ghostbusters 3" was Dan Aykroyd, and even then, he backed off after the death of Harold Ramis and everyone else's reluctance. He did enjoy this film, at least.

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