Films: Sint (2010)

Alias: Saint Niklas, Sinterklaas

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: In keeping with this year's fascination with alternate evil Santas, we get one that goes a bit further than a fat man in a suit or a demonic beast. Good old religious evil is where it's at now!

History: A disgraced Dutch bishop, Saint Niklas led a band of thugs back in the 15th century to spread murder and havoc before they were summarily executed. However, their spirits persisted, and every time the moon is full on the 5th of December, the day Niklas was executed, he and his minions will rise from the dead to continue what they started and spread fear all across the land. But for the most part, it's Niklas doing the work.

Notable Kills: Burns down a children's hospital and sends a school bus to a watery grave.

Final Fate: While Niklas' evil is driven away eventually through fire and force of will, it is abundantly clear that it will happen again in time. At the very least, there is a chance we'll be a bit more prepared next time. One can only hope.

Powers/Abilities: Niklas is immune to most means of murder, and he wields a crosier modified to impale his foes. He is also almost never seen not on his equally empowered horse, which is nimble enough to leap across rooftops.

Weakness: Niklas is only active for about one day, and can be driven away with fire.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Out of all the evil Santas we've seen, none are as cruel nor drenched in sin as Niklas is. From his imposing stature to his tendency to target lots of kids all at once, it's hard to believe any holidays could prosper under his name. And the worst part? He can only be hindered, never killed. At least, as far as we've seen.

Trivia: -Sinterklaas is the original Christmas, having been started by the legacy of Saint Nicolas, a man from what would eventually become Turkey. He was a wonderful person, delivering presents to good children during the night before December 6th. Alas, because he was so ancient, people began to deify him, with some claiming he would kidnap naughty children and send them to Spain. That, and there's the fact that Nicolas was the basis for Santa.

-Some small controversy was caused by this film's posters, which some parents were worried would scare the children that still celebrated Sinterklaas. Due to the fact that this was a work of fiction and not in fact the actual Saint Nicolas, the posters were allowed to stay.

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"All I see is fear...and dead men."
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