“Prepare to get porked”

Films: Boar (2017)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: That of an average rhino.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Any time you notice the words "Australia" and "killer animal" together in the same film, you'd best proceed with caution. Any story of nature run amok in that place is practically pre-destined to make any other area on the planet look like a petting zoo. And for some reason, the absolute worst thing to come out of Outback land is always a large boar. Sure, it's only happened twice as of now, but consider this an evolution from the last time it occurred, which was already bad enough.

History: Somewhere in the Australian countryside, there's a road that is best not travelled. All the animals there live in constant fear of what’s lurking in the bushes. And that thing is a massive boar with a taste for flesh. It's as savage and brutal as it looks, and anyone who encounters it is lucky to be alive. But most of the time, they wind up dead at its tusks. And for some folks on vacation, it's practically a death sentence.

Notable Kills: Many of the people are impaled/gored in slow and nasty ways by the boar.

Final Fate: After it kills several of the people there, the boar is finally brought down when a truck rams into its side at top speed, mangling its body. However, it takes several shotgun blasts to truly bring it down. As the survivors leave, a second boar watches from the shadows...

Powers/Abilities: An incredibly durable hide.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Out of all the boars that came before it, this one is by far one of the worst. On top of being a viscous maneater that tears its victims apart in visceral extravagance, it's also incredibly hideous, with a face that looks practically disfigured. Sure, the CGI doesn't always look the greatest, but most of the time, there indeed is a furry tusked death machine staring you in the eyes. Pray you never hear pig noises in Australia, lest it be coming from something like this.

Trivia: -According to the filmmakers, the reason for the boar's mangled-looking side of its face is because it likes to charge with that side first. Indeed, ramming is a boar's favorite tactic.

-This film was done in the exact same location where director Chris Sun had filmed "Charlie's Farm". The mere thought of that area being haunted by a titanic boar AND a near-indestructible serial killer is enough to make anyone considering never going near the Australian wilderness again. Though one has to wonder which would win if they were pitted against one another. Our money's on the boar.

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No, their sight isn't based on movement. Just fear.
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"You talkin' to me? ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?!"
He only needs one eye to gore you.

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