“Blood buzzard”

Films: Roadkill (2011)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of a small car.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: If you run over a gypsy, the curse is bound to follow. We've seen it happen before, but this time, it isn't the worst diet imaginable. Instead, you and your friends get to be the next meal of a bird of prey straight out of Hell.

History: Somewhere in the Irish countryside, a bunch of rowdy teens are out and about in their RV looking for a nice vacation. Then they accidentally run over someone in gypsy country. In her last spiteful breaths, she curses them to be hunted down by the Simurok, a demonic avian monster that cannot be killed. Sure enough, the big bird is descending on them in no time, picking them off one by one.

Notable Kills: Many towards the beginning are left with horrific facial mutilations before being carried away.

Final Fate: The Simurok kills all but one of the youngsters, who gets it to smash into the RV and get caught in a gas explosion...only for it to shrug that off and kill him. The curse is finished.

Powers/Abilities: Invulnerable to damage.

Weakness: A special amulet can ward it off, and conventional means like fire can drive it away.

Scariness Factor: 3-The horrid CGI would usually be a death-sentence for this creature, and in many ways it is, but you cannot deny that it has much going for it. Looking like an aerial Sketsis, this buzzard of doom will leave your head a Picasso of blood before carrying you off to bite it off later. And nothing can stop it, either. It's the perfect predator...on a budget, sadly.

Trivia: -Birds have their place in Irish folklore, but almost never as monstrous demons. That's not to say it’s pretty all the time, though. The robin is said to represent the new sun of the Winter Solstice due to it murdering its father, the wren of the old Summer Solstice sun, and gaining its trademark red chest that way. In fact, a robin is an omen of death occasionally, though it is praised for its musical prowess.

-By far, the most dangerous bird of prey to ever live was Haast's Eagle of New Zealand. They're thankfully extinct now, but back then, their favorite prey were the giant moa birds, and eventually, humans. It is said that, due to them being the largest eagles ever, the force of them getting their talons on you was like getting a cinder block dropped on you from the top of a building. They only went away when the moa was driven to extinction, depriving them of their main food source.

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Campers are basically tacos to this guy.

You don't want to see the aftermath...

The very very VERY unfriendly skies!

"Where are the doritos?!"

"Wait until I unleash the droppings..."
The Ultimate Predator is the one with an agenda.

Aggressive road-sider.

NOT an album cover, surprisingly.

"This is Demonic Airlines!"