“Don't look up...or down”

Films: Skyline (2010), Beyond Skyline (2017)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Eldritch Location/Civilized Area/Jungle

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: The constant cliché of aliens picking up people with their saucers and driving off is one often seen as laughable. But that's probably because the stereotype is so ingrained in our heads. How about we take that, multiply it by a thousand, and make everything else about the invasion equal parts terrifying and awesome? How about that?

History: Hailing from an unknown planet, this gigantic armada of aliens came down to Earth to collect hundreds of humans and harvest their brains so that they may form a loyal techno-organic army. And getting the humans was easy. Just use the huge ships to shine a light on them, entrance them, and then proceed to suck them up all at once across the major cities. And if any pitch a fit, send giant techno-organic robots to do the heavy lifting and destruction. It would be an unstoppable invasion if it weren't for a few glitches...

Notable Kills: Brain harvesting. Also, some ground soldiers tear a person limb from limb.

Final Fate: While it at first seems like a lost fight, one human manages to regain control of his mind, and escapes, kickstarting a chain of events involving an alien-empowered newborn girl and mech battles that causes many of the humans-turned soldiers back to their old selves (mentally, not physically). Said girl proceeds to lead a rebellion to the mothership not far from the moon, intent on ending this invasion once and for all...

Powers/Abilities: The aliens rely on their odd tech most of the time, which consists of things like Cthulhu-like bio-mechs and squid-like crawlers. They are still capable fighters by themselves though.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, though how effective it is depends on the size. A surefire method is using their own technology.

Scariness Factor: 4-Just imagine getting hypnotized by a blinding blue light one moment, and then skyrocketed upwards the next. All so you can have your brain removed, your identity most likely wiped, while it gets plopped into a drone for an unstoppable alien army. It doesn't help that everything these aliens have is seemingly designed to intimidate and unnerve. That said, if you somehow manage to regain your senses while one of them, you've got one Hell of a glow-up (appearance retcon between sequels notwithstanding).

Trivia: -The spaceships were actually inspired by the appearances of certain cloud formations, like the Stratocumulus.

-The first film had about 800 VFX shots. To give you an idea, most big-budget blockbusters at the time didn't have nearly that many.

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