“All eyes on him”

Films: Scintilla (20140

Alias: Goethe and Ali

Type: Man-Made

Location: Underground/Haunted Home

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The Soviet Union was rife with all sorts of errors. Be it horrible dictators or absolute health-violating disasters, things weren't exactly doing well for Mother Russia. But they ought to be thankful that a silent minority decided to dabble in things mankind was not meant to know.

History: During the time of the Soviet Union, a scientist came across alien DNA in a meteorite. Seeing it as a great boon for genetic science, she used it to give rise to a pair of twins, one male and one female. These hybrids, named Goethe and Ali, matured quicker than any human, and were even mated with. However, a group of mercenaries has now invaded the place to investigate the happenings, and things spiral into chaos as they discover every sinister thing about this.

Notable Kills: Goethe slices a guy in half with a machete.

Final Fate: After Ali is killed out of mercy for what her creator had in mind for her, Goethe goes on a rampage that ends with most of the mercs dead, all doctors dead, and him heading out into the United Kingdom. What he plans on doing, none can say...

Powers/Abilities: Enhanced intelligence and strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-It's really only Goethe that's the threat here. Being experimented on all your life will mess your mind up for sure, and those suicidal thoughts are no joke, but did you really have to be all pale-skinned and murder-happy about it? Sure the fake-looking extra eyes are distracting, but Goethe is practically a one-man army, so who are we to judge?

Trivia: -This film was known as "The Hybrid" primarily.

-Goethe was played by Perri Hanson, who did...pretty much nothing else afterward.

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Which is NOT a good parenting strategy.

What a cute scene. Makes you forget the rest of the film shows murder by the shot.
As well as an odd name in context.

What? Did they put him in the Matrix?
When you put him in a Xenomorph hive...