“Animatronic anarchy”

Films: The Banana Splits (2019)

Alias: Bingo, Fleegle, Drooper, and Snorky

Type: Man-Made

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: Twice that of average humans.

Affiliation: Good (Snorky), Evil (the rest)

Summary: Back in the late 60s, Hannah Barbara produced a series called "The Banana Splits Adventure Hour". It was...well, it certainly had spirit, but it didn't take long for the internet to bring upon it hyperbole-laced horror at how unsettling the guys in furry suits looked. Then one day, a filmmaker decided that the Banana Splits could indeed be just as scary as the jokes made them out to be...and more.

History: It's been a long time since the Banana Splits got their show cancelled, but the spirit of the show lives on. The animatronics used for it are still at their studio, waiting for people to show up. In fact, the robots are alive, and they still love children. Too much, that is. You see, their plan is to lure families over to their place, brutally kill the parents, and then keep the children prisoner so that they may watch them forever and ever. The show must go on, they say. Naturally, this doesn't bode well with anybody, especially when they're put through a gauntlet of games that usually end in bloodshed.

Notable Kills: Drooper shoves a lollipop stick down someone's throat, Fleegle uses the classic saw-box trick to horrific extremes, Drooper also caves a lady's head in with a hammer and stabs someone through the eyes with his drumsticks. All of them engage in the "Banana Split" for one guy. As in, ripping his arms and legs off.

Final Fate: Both Fleegle and Drooper are killed when things get rammed through their heads. Bingo survives his initial fall before being confronted by Snorky. One clumsy fight later, and they're both on the ground dead. However, one of the guests had been driven insane by the murders, and became the new Banana Split Hooty before driving away with the remains of the Banana Splits, one of which reactivates...

Powers/Abilities: Amazing resilience, no pain.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though headshots work.

Scariness Factor: 4-If you thought these cuddly guys were unsettling in the original series, you haven't seen anything yet. If you're a kid, you'll be kept hostage forever. If you're an adult, you'll be killed in a number of increasingly gruesome ways. Snorky is nice, and quite cuter than the rest too, but his compatriots will stop at nothing to torture and maim all who don't have that childlike innocence they crave.

Trivia: -All of the Banana Splits were voiced by Eric Bauza, a versatile voice actor known for his roles as the majority of modern Looney Tunes characters, Rodolfo Rivera in "El Tigre", among many others.

-There are some rumors that Warner Bros. only let this film be the way it is because they were going to lose the rights to a movie about "Five Nights at Freddy's", a horror game with a similar premise. Also, they might have wanted to keep the rights to the Banana Splits for a bit longer. Also, they’ve been trying to get a revival of the original series off the ground for years, so...mission accomplished...maybe...not really?

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