“Fight like bloody Hell”

Films: Hellboy (2019)

Alias: Vivienne Nimue the Blood Queen, Esteban Ruiz, Baba Yaga, Gruagach, British giants, the demons of Hell, demonic giants

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Civilized area/Eldritch location

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of average humans to that of skyscrapers.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Years have passed since Guillermo del Toro faithfully adapted one of the most popular comics from Dark Horse to the delight of millions. Years since Ron Pearlman got one of his best roles yet. Years since we were denied the completion of a trilogy. Now, the wait is over, a new reboot is here, and...well, it could have been better.

History: Long ago during the Dark Ages, the vile Blood Queen Nimue kickstarted a bloody campaign to infest the world with demons, and create a new Eden where evil reigns supreme. Naturally, King Arthur and even members of her own coven were not keen on this, and had her dismembered, her parts spread across the world, and the only means of her true defeat sealed away, that being the sword Excalibur. Centuries later, the demonic detective known as Hellboy is doing his job when he comes across a plot to bring the Blood Queen back. This is of course while he's in the middle of trying to figure out what side of morality he's truly on, so you can imagine that Nimue's forces will do everything to win him to their side. Standouts include the foul-mouthed pig demon Gruagach and the utterly disgusting child-eating witch known as Baba Yaga.

Notable Kills: Once Nimue's demon giants are released, the R rating is thoroughly EARNED.

Final Fate: After Nimue comes back and trashes almost all of London with her forces, Hellboy finally accepts that he's a force of good, and slices Nimue's head off with Excalibur. However, about six months afterward, Baba Yaga is seen discussing with someone a means of killing Hellboy in exchange for their demise...

Powers/Abilities: Nimue can use all sorts of reality-warping magic, as can most of the demons. Even after being reduced to pieces, she can still function. Esteban can turn into a vampire monster on a whim, and creatures like Gruagach are incredibly strong. Baba Yaga also implements many forms of magic, though most of them just seem to help her get around quickly.

Weakness: Only Excalibur can truly put an end to Nimue. All the other beings are either immortal or require a major amount of conventional means.

Scariness Factor: 4-As per usual, the monsters that Hellboy has to face are as ugly and powerful as they come. Nimue may be played by the beautiful Mila Jovovich, but she's the reason the world nearly ended with a horde of ravenous demons and insanely violent giants. Baba Yaga is by far the worst of her smaller minions, though. Her actor can contort and be that unsettling without any usage of CGI, and she likes to eat children in her soup! She's also just plain nasty in both appearance and disposition. We should be thankful forever that Hellboy is out there to sort things out with his allies.

Trivia: -Holy Hell, the production of this film was rife with problems. Most of it stemmed from the conflicts between the director (Neil Marshall), Hellboy's actor (David Harbour), and the sixteen producers attached to it. It was all a big mess that ended with a tonally inconsistent and confused box office bomb that obviously did extremely awfully in Mexico, del Toro's birth country.

-According to one of the people behind this film, the sequel would have introduced a very bulky and thuggish version of Abe Sapien. Heh, no thank you.

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