“A prehistoric battle royale”

Films: The Jurassic Games (2018)

Alias: Tyrannosaurus Rexes, Compsognathus, Deinonychus, Meganeura, giant carnivorous plant, Triceratops, Pteranodons, Smilodon, Trilobites

Type: Man-Made

Location: Forest/Civilized Area/Desert

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a seabird to twice that of average elephants.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The battle royale game is something that took the media by storm. Just imagine the possibilities of tossing a bunch of people in an open area, and then watching as they fall to each other or the elements one by one, until there is only one standing. Naturally, this is all fiction, as any real practice of it would be condemned. Not here, though. All they needed was to add dinosaurs.

History: In a rather grim dystopian future, the entertainment industry is dominated by snuff media all over. But the most popular show is the Jurassic Games. The rules are simple. Ten people on death row are hooked up to VR headsets, and they are transported to a virtual prehistoric landscape full of extinct animals. Anyone who dies in the simulation gets a lethal injection, but the last survivor gets to go free. Naturally, chances of survival at all are slim when the host is constantly adding new hazards to boost ratings. That, and there's a protest group known as the Cavemen who want to see the show go down.

Notable Kills: A Pteranodon drops a person onto a landmine. Also, during the final fight, a T-Rex breaks another's jaw with its foot and kills it.

Final Fate: Against all odds, the only innocent in the group manages to get out alive. The Cavemen proceed to storm the studio, and put the host into the simulation so he can get eaten by a T-Rex. However, the games still go on, and this time, they've attached guns to the dinosaurs.

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Because it's a virtual reality, we'll let the mediocre CGI off the hook to some extent. Though you have to admit, it's a step above Syfy stuff in many areas. The T-Rexes get the best treatment, obviously, though not so much others, like the cringeworthy trilobite swarm. Honestly, the idea of being placed in a prehistoric simulation where everything's trying to kill you is a morbid concept by itself.

Trivia: -The dinosaurs were modeled by Vlad Konstantinov, a professional in his field who often does models of prehistoric life for educational purposes, movies, or even video games. Unfortunately, his relationship with the latter is mired in being screwed over by greed. Look no further than the Kickstarter scam "The Stomping Land", in which he made some really cool models that were ultimately either scrapped or moved to the equally duplicitous "The Isle" because everyone ran off with the money. Basically, Vlad has probably learned to do background checks on his clients at all times.

-This film was directed by Ryan Bellgardt, who also did a lot of the special effects, and would later do the lesser known but softer "The Adventures of Jurassic Pet".

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"Wait until they see the Virtual Boy upgrade!"

Just one glitch and they'll all start t-posing into the walls.

In case we didn't have enough improbable prehistoric life.

Gonna need many more meteors for a universe like that.

Just when you thought we were free from these particular jerks.

Contestants = VR Lunch.

The introduction of politics in the Cretaceous was a mistake.

Still a better ending than Mockingjay (it DIDN'T need two parts).
What? Did Samuel Hayden help make this game?

What? You thought VR was supposed to be accurate?

"Wait, don't we just eat fish?"

It's not complete without the king himself.

Invisible walls don't just annoy humans.

For extra sadism, Mesothelae was added in a patch.

That's it. They just gave up on accuracy. Have some pride, corrupt corporations!

Can't you NPCs do anything right? Bethesda, is this your doing?!

The loudmouthed ones die worst.