“Mariana's secrets”

Films: The Meg (2018)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient

Location: Ocean

Height/Weight: Up to twice that of average submarines.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Of all the sharks in the world, none have come even close to the sheer scope and size to their predecessors. Or at least, the one. The beast of the Pliocene and the prototype great white, we're talking the Megalodon. Sure, this would definitely not be the first time such a creature was put into film, but it might just be the most big-budgeted.

History: Somewhere deep below Marianas Trench, there is a hidden world. A dark abyss where some of the largest sea creatures dwell. From whales, to giant squid, to...something else. The oceans have recently warmed up just enough so that a monster can break out and see what has become of the outside world. It is the Megalodon...or really, two of them, each one bigger than the last. It'll take a ragtag research team and a man who encountered the creature once to stop it from destroying the entire ecosystem.

Notable Kills: The smaller Megalodon tears a mother whale and calf into pieces upon getting out of the trench.

Final Fate: After the smaller Megalodon is killed, the bigger one makes a huge splash near a beach before the man it haunted for so long manages to slice open a gash and impale its eye with a poison-tipped harpoon. As the shark slowly dies, hordes of modern sharks come to the man's aid to tear her carcass to pieces.

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, though whale calls make for a great distraction.

Scariness Factor: 4-These sharks may not be able to kill too many people, but that's only because they weren't around the more populated waters as often. As this film showed, the megalodon's existence in these waters would be nothing short of a cataclysm for everyone and everything. These creatures, with their immense size and propensity to eat as much as possible, had perfectly good reasons for going extinct in the first place.

Trivia: -In the original novels this film is based on, the trench contains much more than Megalodons. It also has Liopleurodons, Pliosaurs, Liviyatans, and even Titanoboas! Needless to say, the absurdity and sheer b-movie-esque charm does not go unnoticed.

-This film has been in Development Hell for about two decades. At the very least, original author Steve Alten praised the end result, and is anticipating potential sequels.

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Always a bigger fish.

"Now, THIS is Podracing!"

Wait until she meets the Mos...asaurus.

Don't tap on the glass. They tap back.

How to close the beaches easily.

Under a blood red sky, soon to be under a blood-red ocean.

Fury of the awakened fish!

Normally, a real jawbreaker.
All for one victim? Have some manners!

The spirit of death looms under the abyss.

Meet his ex, boat.
In the future, our shark cages will be EVEN MORE WORTHLESS.

Yes, keep taunting the already berserk shark. Nothing bad will happen...

Yet another reason to follow the quarantine of this year.