“Irk the Orcs”

Films: Dragonfyre (2013)

Alias: The orcs (Fangmark, Gorejaw, Bonebag, Roughtooth), Anathema, the dragon

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of average humans to that of a fighter jet.

Affiliation: Neutral (the dragon), Evil (the rest)

Summary: Didn't we already do a modern orc movie two years ago?! Oh well, at least these ones have slightly more personality and arsenal to their names. Also, it's a classic "white guy is the only hero who can save us" film. Gag me. At least the dragon is...wait a minute, that's a recolor of the one from "Dawn of the Dragon Slayer"! Nice!

History: Somewhere in an alternate land, a horde of orcs led by the vile sorceress Anathema seek to invade our world and take over. They have already enslaved their world, so it only makes sense that they take ours. But there is a prophecy of a being known as the Sentinel rising against the army and fighting back the forces of evil. This doesn't stop Anathema from sending out the army to attack a rural part of the world. Thankfully, a grizzled soldier and his troops are there to fight, whether they are truly prepared for it or not.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: The orcs soon unleash their secret weapon, a large dragon, to decimate the opposing force. However, the soldier makes it to the other world, slays the dragon, and causes the other orcs to cower when he declares himself the Sentinel. He nearly loses the fight against Anathema though. Thankfully, his elf warrior GF is given a pistol by an orc not afraid to die doing the right thing, and the sorceress is immediately shot in the head. The day is saved!

Powers/Abilities: Anathema is capable of all sorts of magical acts. The dragon can also breathe fire and tank heavy damage.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-The orcs certainly look like a bunch of enthusiastic cosplayers. That's not to say their costumes are that shabby, but they could use some improvement. Anathema is mildly creepy, so long as you don't interpret all that weird cloak-like wear as a bunch of plastic bags over her. As for the dragon, the CGI bites, but the sheer awe this particular design brings out is still there.

Trivia: -The same dragon from before being used is no mistake. Both films were done by Arrowstorm Entertainment. They tend to reuse designs a lot, but since when did anyone ever fix what wasn't broken?

-This film is more commonly known as "Orc Wars". A more fitting title, really.

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Even the most minor of LotR extras can lead.

"Ma'am, maybe you can find something that DOESN'T blind you?"

The Dragon Farm, a horribly failed idea.
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Street Fighter by way of being cheaper than Capcom's practices.

A certain brand of hunting games reaches its apex.
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Never wake a spooked dragon.


Dragon puberty never ends well for all around him.

Can't say the title was misleading.

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