“Tengu tango”

Films: Monster Island (2019)

Alias: The Tengu, the Living Mountain

Type: Ancient

Location: Ocean/Civilized Area/Desert

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of tanks to that of a large island.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: When one of the blockbusters coming out during the year is an all-out kaiju brawl, you'd better believe that people are going to expect the Asylum to pump out something even remotely interesting. Well...yes and no. We got something a bit unique, but as usual, it's mired in the company's typical laziness and terrible acting.

History: For centuries, a great sea monster has been dormant. It is huge, unstoppable, and packing thousands of eggs that hatch out beasts that look completely unrelated. It is the Tengu, and it has risen after all this time to destroy our world. The only hope may rely on a prophecy that tells of a great opponent known as the Living Mountain. A kaiju killer, so to speak. But will it be enough to stop the monstrous Tengu?

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: When the Living Mountain wakes up and decimates the Tengu's army, the main beast grows wings and attacks it. Just as it seems to be getting the upper hand, a person shoots an arrow containing fire from one of the Tegu spawn into the rock monster's eye, blowing it up and obliterating both kaiju. They leave behind a mysterious spire, though it is said that there are other kaiju out there.

Powers/Abilities: Both kaiju are virtually unstoppable. The Tengu can also reflect some projectiles, and summon thousands of eggs that hatch into smaller fire-breathing winged beasts. It too can sprout wings, given the situation. The Living Mountain can fire a stream of blue flame from its eye, blast an energy pulse while doing so, and has an incredibly volatile interior.

Weakness: The Tengu spawn can die by conventional means. Meanwhile, the Living Mountain can be killed by firing a burning piece of its resting place into its eye, producing an explosion that can kill even the Tengu.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Typical kaiju are within the 4 range, but the terrible CGI of these creatures holds them back. They are certainly powerful, that much is true, but it's hard to be afraid when there's barely any budget. Then again, the Tengu spawn are definitely freaky, especially since their heads are basically a couple of horse skulls fused together. That's messed up!

Trivia: -The Tengu are NOT in fact island-sized starfish monsters in mythology. In Eastern legends, they are a race of bird-men with a name that means either "Heavenly dog" or "Heavenly sentinel". While originally characterized as destructive and dangerous creatures, more modern interpretations see them as fierce guardians. Another popular physical look for them is people with very long noses.

-If you can believe it, the concept for the Tengu was done by Matt Frank. Yes, THAT Matt Frank, one of the most recognized kaiju illustrators in the business. Surprisingly, he saw working with the Asylum as an honor, though that was probably because they gave him total creative freedom.

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