“One strike, you're out”

Films: Billy Club (2013)

Alias: Billy Haskins

Type: Natural

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: If you base your entire murder Schick around how badly you did in a sport, chances are you're kind of a loser. But if your team really was a bunch of assholes, then maybe they had it coming. DISCLAIMER – Don't kill people for any reason at all. You'll just go even more insane than you probably were before.

History: Billy Haskins was ridiculed and humiliated by the rest of the league for losing a baseball game. This of course also included a near-fatal dunk booth, so you can see why he went mad from the experience. In retaliation, he brutally killed his coach and some of the other players, winning him a place in the asylum. During his time there, his hatred only grew, and when he got the opportunity to escape, he did. Now, the reunited league finds themselves being stalked by a figure with a spiked bat and umpire garb. Could it be Billy? Most likely.

Notable Kills: If Billy and the umpire are truly one and the same, then this is the same boy who murdered his coach and shoved broken baseball bats down his throat in no particular order.

Final Fate: After getting bludgeoned to near-death, the umpire killer staggers out of the water to reveal his face. However, it is left ambiguous as to whether it was Billy in the end, considering how a guy in different clothes that is identified as Billy goes down being trapped by the other survivor in a place where a pitching machine slowly bludgeons him to death. Strangely, he goes on accepting his demise, raving about how he, Billy, needs to take one for the team.

Powers/Abilities: The umpire's weapon of choice is a specially designed spiked baseball bat full of nails and a hidden machete blade at the tip.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-The ambiguity of who's the real insane killer here is already unnerving, but the umpire himself is a rather terrifying juggernaut of a slasher. His advanced spiked bat and armored frame make for someone who cannot be killed that easily. And you can be assured that he'll make your death a painful one.

Trivia: -An umpire is basically a guy in most sports that dictates the rules and makes sure that they are followed. They typically do not actually engage in the sport itself, but most do have experience.

-This isn't the first time there was a killer baseball player in a movie. 1998 gave us "The Catcher", which also featured a disturbed child growing up to be a baseball-themed killer. Though it's a lot more obvious as to who the killer's identity is in that one.

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