“Be silent or deadly”

Films: The Silence (2019)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient

Location: Cave/Forest/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average corvids.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: After the unexpected success of "A Quiet Place", of course some people were going to take advantage of the idea. After all, a film where barely anyone talks should be easy to make. Too easy, really. It's how we got guff like this.

History: At some point, a bunch of miners accidentally dug too deep, and unleashed a brand new species upon the world. A seemingly endless horde of blind bat-like monsters called the Vesps took to the skies, slaughtering anything that made loud noises, or really any noise at all. Now, some survivors must trek across the mostly abandoned countryside and find safety, lest the Vesps or the new cults popping up get them.

Notable Kills: A rattlesnake learns the hard way why Vesps can't stand noise.

Final Fate: After going through Hell, most of the survivors make it, though the Vesps remain at large. It is unknown whether they will adapt to the winter, but one has to wonder how mankind will evolve to live without noise...in the face of a menace that isn't all that hard to deal with.

Powers/Abilities: Vesps can detect anything through sound. Even the slightest noise will get their attention.

Weakness: They are also so blind, they cannot tell whether a noise is impending danger.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-What's that? You expected a swarm of pterosaur-like beasts that come in endless supply to be scarier? Well, you'd almost be right, except that the Vesps are perhaps the most evolutionarily stunted animals ever. They may be like rabid piranhas on wings, but they are the same animal that kept flying into an active woodchipper just because it was loud. And unlike the monsters from the movie they are trying so desperate to copy, they can be killed easily.

Trivia: -This wasn't the first time Netflix tried to ape "A Quiet Place". Just look at 2018's "Bird Box", a critically divisive mess that was often mocked for both its aggressive marketing campaign and how the monster was never seen. And even when the beast was shown on the internet, it was met with more ridicule due to looking like an enlarged human baby instead of anything remotely menacing.

-The word "Vesp" brings to mind vespa, which is the Italian word for "wasp". There is nothing to indicate that the Vesps are anything like wasps except for their swarming methods.

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What lovely sparrows!

"I am the...day?"
And they don't like what they hear, FOX News.

You take one bag of bread crumbs with you and...
She's got nerves to steel to be quiet in this nightmare.

Yes. They do breed. Yes. Lassie's next.
So desperate, they'll even preach to these rapscallions.