“There he flies!”

Films: Age of the Dragons (2011)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Mountains/Forest/Cave

Height/Weight: That of an average fighter jet.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The tale of Moby Dick can only be told in so many ways. Man gets pissed by a whale that mutilated him, forgoes everything for the sake of vengeance, dies a miserable death because of it. But who said it had to be a whale and a whale only? Why can't it be something different? Well, here we have the first direct adaptation to do such a thing. And how? With freaking dragons, of course!

History: In a land where mankind hunts dragons for their Vitriol (the source of their fire and a great conductor of energy), a boy named Ahab saw a huge white dragon over his sister, only to cower and flee as she neared death's door. Unfortunately, the dragon followed, and burned half his face. Driven insane by the guilt and the pain of that tragedy, Ahab grows up into a hardened dragon hunter with one goal in mind. That being, take that dragon down once and for all. And he doesn't care how hard he has to push his crew. Oh, and the Pequod is a harpoon-firing mobile fortress here.

Notable Kills: The dragon manages to snatch a smaller one of its kind out of the sky in an aerial ambush. Also, see Final Fate.

Final Fate: Few of Ahab's crew, Ishmael included, manage to get to the dragon's lair. But after Ahab spills the beans as to what happened that fateful day, everyone turns on him for his cruelty. Then the dragon shows up, and Ahab harpoons it. However, the rope goes around his foot, and as the dragon flies away, he's dragged along with it. The dragon then kills him by ramming his body into a rocky wall.

Powers/Abilities: Fire-breathing via Vitriol.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-The CGI is definitely the kind of stuff you'd expect on the Syfy channel or something, but it's fairly obvious that a lot of the miniscule budget went into these majestic creatures. The White Dragon is a very intimidating beast, with design cues taken from lizards and even alligators, that is practically untouchable by both man and beast. Also, this is a dragon that eats other dragons. What could be more badass than that?

Trivia: -Originally, this film was called "Dragon Fire", and Ahab would have been played by Val Kilmer instead. Thankfully, he was replaced with Danny Glover, though even then there had to be a stunt double most of the time due to the actor's limited ability to be on set.

-Some havoc on the set was caused by a very real reptile strike. In short, a rattlesnake managed to get onto the set a couple of times.

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This time, it's even greater!

Dare to tresspass!

"I just got here! I swear!"

Times were tough for dragons one and all.

"WTF is this?"
Hate him or not, he's spitting hot fire.

Flight of the Valkyries intensifies.

Cute Bat-Cave theme?

Like a massive bird of prey!

"From Hell's hea-" SMACK! "...I stab at-" WHAM!