“Battle of the brothers”

Films: Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond (2019)

Alias: Ultraman Tregear (Ultraman Tregia, Kirisaki), Snake Darkness (Yukio Toi), Bemstar, Gan Q

Type: Alien

Location: Eldritch Location/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from 50 meters and 37,000 metric tons (Tregear) to 68 meters and 85,000 metric tons (Snake Darkness)

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: By this point in the franchise, there have been enough Ultramen in the spotlight that you could just keep the franchise going for eternity, provided there are enough kaiju to go around. And in this case, we got a pair of Ultraman brothers, their little Ultra-sister, a helping hand in the form of the son of Ultraman Belial, and a new sinister Ultraman filling that guy's shoes for a day.

History: Ultraman Tregear was a former colleague of Ultraman Taro, but his mad lust for power, not unlike Belial, got him kicked out. Since then, he has been the instigator of many a planet's destruction, mainly through tempting them with their greatest desires, and then twisting the deal in his favor. In fact, he was the one said to have made the powerful villain Reugosite into what he was. Now, he has finally come to Earth, around the time that the Minato Brothers have taken the mantle as co-Ultramen. His first act is to temp disgraced video game designer Yukio Toi into giving life to his most recent creation, the monster known as Snake Darkness. Alas, Tregear does his thing and tricks Yukio into becoming the kaiju, but not before unleashing a couple old ones on the city. Needless to say, both Tregear and Snake Darkness will be some of the Ultras' toughest foes yet.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Bemstar and Gan Q are obliterated rather unsettlingly by the Ultramen. However, after Tregear trounces both Ultraman Rosso, Blu, Grigio, and even Geed, it seems that he and Snake Darkness have prevailed. However, the siblings' bond enables them to become a fusion Ultra, Ultraman Gruebe! Together with Geed, they blast Tregear to oblivion, and vanguish Snake Darkness so that Yukio can be safe again. However, Tregear is still alive and in human form, vowing vengeance on humanity...but he's someone else's problem now.

Powers/Abilities: Tregear is a mad genie, able to conjure up any wish, or at least kaiju-related ones. On that note, he can imprison people into kaiju, both old and new. By himself, he can teleport, project himself across screens, open up wormholes/portals with the Trera Thyra technique, use the Ischyros Heba shield, use darkness in general as a shield, and fly. Snake Darkness has an incinerating breath weapon known as the Tragedy Shout, which can be upgraded by Tregear into Tragedy Shout Hell. He can also shoot Great Execution fireballs from his shoulders, and utilize his Darkness Eater tail as an extra limb. Bemstar and Gan Q work in tandem, with the former absorbing projectiles so that the latter can fire them from his eye, and vise-versa. Bemstar can fly and fire lightning from his horn.

Weakness: Beings of equal or greater power.

Scariness Factor: 4-Tregear is often considered to be a successor of sorts to Belial. While he doesn't have his intimidatingly demonic look or that cool of a name, he certainly seems stronger and younger than him. Combined with his ability to entrap souls within berserk kaiju, and you've got yourself a worthy antagonist for many Ultras to come. Don't listen to him, it won't be good for your health.

Trivia: -After this film, Tregear would become the main antagonist to "Ultraman Taiga". In it, he mostly takes the alias of human Kirisaki, and more of his backstory is elaborated upon.

-Rather fittingly, Snake Darkness' appearance is a modified version of the Zaigorg suit.

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