“Dracula Re-told”

Films: Dracula Untold (2014)

Alias: Vlad III Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, Son of the Dragon, Son of the Devil

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Mountains

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: You may have forgotten about it, but there was a time in Universal's career where a bunch of presumably coked-up executives wanted to take all your favorite horror movie monsters, and make them into some kind of dudebro too-edgy-to-handle™ action beasts. But this is not about the disaster that was the Dark Universe. Not just yet.

History: Vlad III Dracula was a renowned warrior fighting to protect his family and the entire country of Wallachia. But alas, the fury of the Ottoman Empire was about to take everything away from him with little fanfare. Driven to desperation, Vlad sought out the Elder Vampire, a reclusive monster living in the mountains. Making the ultimate sacrifice, Dracula became a vampire by drinking the elder's blood. Now, Vlad must stop the Ottoman empire in less than three days before the curse becomes permanent.

Notable Kills: Dracula is probably the only thing ever to take out swathes of soldiers with the combined force of hundreds of bats.

Final Fate: Dracula is forced to drink blood before the time is up, causing the curse to be permanent. He then turns a bunch of weakened people into vampires to finish off the armies, kill the sultan, and rescue his son. He then has the clouds part to burn him and his army alive, but someone saves only him from danger. Dracula is deemed dead, but he in fact still walks the Earth, and has found someone named Mina who looks a lot like his wife...

Powers/Abilities: Dracula is immortal, and his main offensive weapon is the ability to control gigantic swarms of bats, or disperse into them if he needs to. His strength is also second-to-none.

Weakness: Silver, sunlight, stakes to the heart.

Scariness Factor: 3-This Dracula may be a powerful and violent warrior, but he's still a good soul at heart. All of his bloodshed (ha.) is for the good of his people and his family. As for how well that will carry into the modern day, it's admittingly harder to tell. Though it's someone silly that his clothes transform with him as well.

Trivia: -The ACTUAL Vlad the Impaler was far from a saint. Sure, he loved his home country dearly, but there's a reason why this version of Vlad was so disgusted by his past. Mainly due to how he was said to have impaled all his foes on stakes and even eat their flesh afterwards.

-This film was actually once considered a perfect candidate for a prequel to Universal's ill-fated Dark Universe, but even after the ending was re-written to tie into it, it was still considered non-canon. Not that it mattered in the end.

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