“No laughing matter”

Films: Hyenas (2011)

Alias: Various, notably Wilda

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Forest/Cave

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Werewolves have been done to death, that's for sure. But there are so many other furry beasts out there that could get the half-man treatment. They include coyotes, dingoes, foxes, among others. But there's nothing quite like taking the form of one of the most violent predators in Africa...while in America. Huh?

History: In the rural parts of America, there is a gang of killers lying in wait every night. They are the were-hyenas, a group of mostly young and sexy folk who partake in hunting people in clubs, on the road, and all while going unnoticed. But recently, they've been taking their kills too far, and people are starting to notice. Soon, a small band of human avengers will form to combat the hyena menace, particularly their alpha, the seductive and brutal Wilda.

Notable Kills: There's a deathmatch between two of them in hyena form. One wins by tearing his opponent's throat out.

Final Fate: Most of the were-hyenas, Wilda included, are taken out by a cavern explosion. While there are plenty more out there, there are also more hunters of this accursed breed.

Powers/Abilities: Every night, a were-hyena can transform into a hyena, or something in between.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-The fact that these guys can become savage African predators should mean that they have a greater presence. And in some way, their boundless cruelty makes up for it. But in the end, some atrocious CGI effects deflate everything, especially when they're fully transformed. Also, it gets a little silly after a while seeing them laugh like their namesakes.

Trivia: -It actually makes perfect sense that someone like Wilda would lead the pack. Hyenas are matriarchal animals, meaning that the alpha is always female.

-Some people joke that hyenas are a cross between a cat and a dog, but they are in fact related to neither. While they do have many attributes of cats than they do dogs, their closest relatives are those of the Herpestidae family. As in meerkats and mongooses.

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And it barely has a face.

The Hyena Hunter.
And that's only the first half!

Who gave the dog the crack?!
In every man, a pair of snapping jaws.

When he wants to get in the car, you LET HIM.
Furries gone HORRIBLY wrong.