“Aussie Necromancers”

Films: Wyrmwood (2014)

Alias: Various

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized Area/Forest

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: If the undead rise, you'd better be prepared. Prepared to have some fun with it all, that is. Sure, there will be blood. There will be tragedy. But there will also be some big twists and turns that could end in your favor.

History: A meteor shower causes most of our fuel to be rendered moot. But that's not the worst of it. It's also somehow created a zombie plague that's engulfed all of Australia. Oddly, the zombies turn out to be great power sources, and many survivors take advantage of this. Then a captured human, Brooke, is injected with zombie DNA, giving her the ability to control the hordes. Good news for her would-be rescuers, by the way.

Notable Kills: Any time Brooke has them organize better, things get messy.

Final Fate: After Brooke and her minions help our heroes take the main bad human down, she and her brother continue to wander Australia, gathering zombies as their own personal army.

Powers/Abilities: The zombies' blood makes for great fuel. Also, a bite passes the virus on. And if you happen to be imbued with their blood, you can command the zombies into doing complex tasks and pretty much whatever you want. You'll also be able to shrug off most injuries.

Weakness: Headshots.

Scariness Factor: 3-As usual, the decaying undead are not the prettiest thing, especially not in a continent built on the need to survive. But who knew a zombie queen could make things so much better for the innocent? Seeing the zombies help you tear the bad guys apart may still be unsightly, but it's hard not to call it awesome.

Trivia: -A follow-up miniseries called "Wyrmwood: Chronicles of the Dead" has been in production for many, many years.

-Due to the crew only working on weekends, this film took a grand total of four years to complete.

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With a dash of Transformers: The Last Knight. I think.

Shoot and tear, until it is done.

Zombies with guns. We have no chance.
Only Joe and Furiosa fused.

Inside all of us is violence.

Roadside Manners: Aim for the head!

Dr. Insano, no!

The tar zombie did it better!
How to suck out a zombie forever? Do the impossible. Suck its soul.