“Worse the Devil you know”

Films: Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman (2016)

Alias: Zaigogu

Type: Ancient

Location: Jungle/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: 66 meters and 70,000 metric tons.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Across the Ultra universe, rarely do you see a kaiju that was explicitly stated to be a demon. But here we are. Surging from the depths below is a monster that could have only been dredged up in the inferno. It doesn't stop it from looking like something an Ultraman would fight, but still.

History: Somewhere in what would become Area A2, a monstrous demon known as Zaigorg was sealed away by an alternate Ultraman Tiga in the Baraji Ruins. However, a greedy archeologist's tampering has resulted in the monster being released once more. And worse, not even the mighty Ultraman X can hope to defeat it. And WORSE, Zaigorg can summon other kaiju. In this case, he has brought to life Antlar and Fire Golza. It will take the combined might of three Ultramen to successfully defeat Zaigorg and whatever forces it can conjure.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After the two old kaiju are disposed of by Ultraman X, Tiga, and the OG Ultraman, Zaigorg drains their energy to unleash clones of Tsuragi Demaaga across the world. However, the Ultras and their friends on the ground do a bit of clone work as well, sending other Ultramen to defeat the clones while X takes the power of Ultraman and Tiga, becoming one with the Beta Spark Armor. With a Beta Spark Arrow, X obliterates Zaigorg.

Powers/Abilities: Zaigorg's right arm is called the Gorg Regjis mace, which can be empowered with some charging. The kaiju can unleash the Bloody Flooding beam, which can also summon portals from below. Its back spikes can be fired as homing projectiles, and it can make bigger ones to both attack and summon clones of previous kaiju. If need be, Zaigorg opens up its chest mouth, which can summon energy-draining tendrils and fire the Hell's Relieve beam (which can also be charged).

Weakness: Beings of equal and greater power.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Zaigorg is a special case among Ultra kaiju. For one thing, it's utterly hideous to behold, even before it whips out that ghastly toothy chest mouth. Its roar sounds like evil laughter, and it can create powerful copies of some of the worst kaiju that came before it. And of course, it's a powerful beast to begin with, able to trounce whomever gets in the way.

Trivia: -Zaigorg's attributes are meant to evoke Hellish imagery all around. His Japanese name is a play on "Jigoku", the Japanese word for "Hell". Also, its Gore Regjis looks like an Oni's Kanabo club, its teleportation method is based off one of the Hells of Beppu, and its multiple eyes on each side references Avici, a realm in Naraka (Buddhist Hell) where people are tortured by a 64-eyed demon.

-Part of the reason Zaigorg looks the way it does is because after Eltegar from the last film, they opted for a more bestial main antagonist.

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Say hello to The One's successor...

"Uh...this isn't kool-aid...or blood..."

Red Sun...Red Sun over paradise...

A night battle with good lighting? Legendary! GET ON THIS!

Remember. We're in Japan.

"MY ME-TIME HA-wait a minute."
Hell's finally come! And he's got all eyes on you!

"The fuck is this?! The fuck is that?! THE FUCK IS EVERYTHING?!"

Why choose Orgs when you can choose Gorgs?

DragonBall Z fans will understand.

Zaigorg used: Fandom scream.

Death of a Thousand Cuts.

Anybody gonna close that?

It was here that he had second thoughts about this starring role.
Pushing: The excellent kaiju strategy.

"Elementary, my dear defeated opponent!"

Who gave the kaijus the weed?!

The one way we'll defeat him: Dia-beetus!

Behold! The Demogorgon mouth attack!