“Riptide of the Dead”

Films: Zombie Shark-The Swimming Dead (2015)

Alias: Bruce

Type: Mutant

Location: Ocean

Height/Weight: That of average great whites.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Of course we had to do zombie sharks. The world simply won't end until sharks have been exposed to every single horror/sci-fi/fantasy trope out there. And what better one that's been done to death is there than zombies? It's just pure…boredom, is what it is. But at least they tried to be interesting at times.

History: A research facility on the tropical island of Redplum has given rise to something awful. A swarm of zombified great whites are the result of their constant experimentation, and now the entire coastline is under threat of experiencing a zombie plague AND a bunch of eaten people on top of that.

Notable Kills: A zombie shark's head is blown off...only to end up on a person and chomp away at them.

Final Fate: In the end, it would seem that with the destruction of the facility, the deaths of all the sharks, and the killing of all the zombies, the threat has been neutralized. We would certainly like to think that, but you can never be too certain, can you?

Powers/Abilities: The sharks live even after being dismembered. Also, their bite causes people to turn into zombies, who then bite others and turn them into zombies.

Weakness: Aim for the head.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-The sharks don't exactly have good CGI going for them, but at least they keep the zombie spirit burning. They can kill you even with tremendous injuries (though headshots stop them forever), and they almost caused an outbreak of actual human zombies during their attacks. If you ever see a sickly-looking great white, beware.

Trivia: -The first infected shark's name is of course a reference to the nickname given to the animatronic shark from "Jaws".

-This film was directed by Misty Talley, who has spent more of her career as a film editor, with almost all of her directed works being about low-budget killer sharks.

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If you sing that Fishheads song, I'll...

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They're not sharks, as it turns out. Just really big fish.

What's next? The sleeping dead? No, that sounds cool...

Huh. Guess that shark head amounted to something after all. Either way, Katy Perry does not approve.
Jabberjaw's horrible addiction happens again.

Stare into the eyes of death and STICK A MACHETE INTO THE MAW!