“A parental disservice”

Films: Dreamkatcher (2020)

Alias: The Night Hag

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Eldritch Location

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: It can be hard for a kid to accept new parents. Why else would there be so many stories of step-parents being bad? But here, the kid REALLY needed some therapy, even before the evil dead witch possessed him.

History: Josh refuses to accept Gail as his new mom after his old one, Becky, died under mysterious circumstances. But during a family vacation, he experiences terrible nightmares featuring Becky. To quell them, he steals a dreamcatcher from a merchant. But as it turns out, this is the talisman designed to imprison the Night Hag, a malicious spirit that possesses people into killing others, which is how Becky died. Now, Josh is being tricked by the Night Hag into trying to kill his parents. Both of them, that is.

Notable Kills: Fakes being the merchant's grandson just so she can strangle her.

Final Fate: After the dad is murdered by the possessed Josh, Gail runs off into the woods to bury the dreamcatcher. Josh is picked up by a sheriff, still carrying the Night Hag's spirit within. Also, a kid later finds the dreamcatcher for herself.

Powers/Abilities: Possession, illusions, invulnerability.

Weakness: Destruction of the dreamcatcher, as well as killing the one she's possessed.

Scariness Factor: 4-This hag's motives and methods are far from pleasant. She seems to have a fascination with controlling children into murdering their families just for the Hell of it. And don't be fooled by her tricks. They will probe your deepest dread, and lure you into oblivion. So really, just take the shopkeeper's word next time.

Trivia: -Dreamcatchers were first conceived by the Native American Ojibwe tribe, and were known as spider web charms. Their purpose was to serve as a means for the spider women, or Asibikaashi, to protect the children out of their reach. The charms are not necessarily just for dreams, as they are supposed to ward off evil in general.

-The Night Hag was played by Joseph Bishara, who is known for composing for famous modern horror films like "Insidious" and "The Conjuring".

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