“Soldiers of Hell”

Films: Monsters of Man (2020)

Alias: BR1, BR2, BR3, and BR4

Type: Man-Made

Location: Jungle/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: The most terrifying weapons of war may one day be not bombs and guns, but something a bit more alive. The advancements in robotics we are making is almost always reaching new heights, so you can imagine how those invested in the war economy are probably salivating at the idea of metal soldiers. But as films like this demonstrate, that is a PHENOMENALLY BAD IDEA.

History: Designed as the perfect killing machines, the BR units were a quartet of hyper-advanced robots sent to the Golden Triangle to take out what appeared to be a village full of drug dealers. But in truth, these bots were sent to test themselves out by corrupt officials looking to get their hands on tons of cash through defense contracts. Not long after the robots arrive, all Hell breaks loose. Many innocent villagers are killed, a few are on the run from the metal horrors, and a primary target turns out to be a rogue Navy agent. However, amid the chaos, one of the robots, BR4, loses his main brain component to a kid, causing him to go on a rather brutal journey of personal discovery as he begins to wonder just how human he is meant to be.

Notable Kills: After strangling a man to death, BR4 begins to take him apart piece by piece, comparing the human's own main components (his face included) to his own.

Final Fate: BR4 ultimately turns against his brothers, while most of them fall prey to human traps. However, even after getting his main processor back, the robot ends up realizing just how senseless all the death and destruction is thanks to the kid that accidentally put him on this path. After a tussle with BR3, he self-destructs to save the remaining humans. In spite of this, the robot project is seen as a success, and more are commissioned. And yet, perhaps through BR4's influence, they all start to acquire self-awareness. There is a chance they won't be nearly as violent, for in the rogue robot's own words, "life is important".

Powers/Abilities: The BR units are made of near-impenetrable metal, and are adept in both long and close-range combat. They are also deceptively agile, and have an insanely powerful self-destruct. However, should one be left to its own devices, it will gain self-awareness, and pass its knowledge on to whatever shares its code.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 4-At first glance, these beings look like typical soldiers getting ready to ruin a foreign country. But upon further inspection, you see the very embodiment of just how much malice and carnage can ensue when people put defense contractors over human life. Aside from their creepy faces and disturbingly realistic effects, these bots show no mercy when they enact the "no witnesses" strategy. However, if allowed, they can learn to stop being such monsters, but it's never a calm transition.

Trivia: -This film was funded almost entirely through Indiegogo.

-This is the first film to be directed by Mark Toia. If this is where it begins, it certainly won't be the last time we see things from him.

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"Clarify: Is there something in my face?"