“And let slip the dogs of war”

Films: Cry Havoc (2020)

Alias: Prisoner AYO 886, Metalface

Type: Natural

Location: Forest/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Snuff films suck. Not so much because they feel like movies made by an amateur, but how they ADVERTISE themselves as features that got people killed during production. We cannot imagine any sane man taking part in one. And sure enough, there was nothing sane about the man who watched ones with a murderous juggernaut as the main star.

History: Somewhere in the secluded woods, people are tricked into thinking they've been hired for a reality TV show. In truth, they've been swindled into entering the hunting grounds of Havoc, a monstrous serial killer who is offered fresh bodies by the place's observer, a nihilistic criminal known as the Voyeur, the only one who can control the madman after they met in an asylum, and who is also known as the Watcher Scopophilio. To the Voyeur, Havoc was a sincere product of savage nature in a world of liars and cheats. A rogue cop has been trailing the crook to find his daughter, but it will end up putting him and others straight into the path of Havoc's silent rampage.

Notable Kills: Tears a man's head apart, and that's BEFORE the montage of him dismembering and torturing his prey in various ways we can't quite list here.

Final Fate: Even after all the carnage he's wrought, Havoc allows the cop's daughter to leave. But he and the Voyeur/Watcher are still working together, and people are still coming to the killing fields that the deranged hunter calls home. The bloodshed may never end.

Powers/Abilities: Great strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Havoc is more than a ton of pure bloodlust and muscle, wreathed in metal and barbed wire. While uttering not a single word, he mercilessly slaughters anyone he gets his hands on, and we see almost every gory detail of it. This is the kind of implacable killer you need a goddamn rocket launcher to destroy. Though one has to wonder what would happen if someone were to cap that crook giving him orders all the time, even if he's no less vicious to the others who work for him.

Trivia: -This film is actually the FOURTH in a number of movies chronicling Havoc's murders, starting with 2015's "Playing With Dolls". That being said, neither Havoc nor his master develop that much across films.

-A funny thing happened with the first film. After it barely made any money, Lightning Pictures, without writer-director Rene Perez's consent, changed the title in the UK to "Leatherface: The Legend Lives On" for a rerelease in 2017. This was rightfully seen as a fraudulent move, and Perez was quick to clear things up and break ties with the company.

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