“Vengeance should probably stop lingering”

Films: The Grudge (2020)

Alias: Fiona, Sam, and Melinda Landers

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: If you remember the Saeki family and how well any and all encounters with them go, you probably have a good idea of what exactly happened when a similar curse passed on into American turf. The ghosts are different, but all the violent rage and torment remains the same...mostly anyways.

History: As some of you might know, the curse of the eternally pissed Kayako Saeki can be passed on to other people and other ghosts. This was no more true than with Fiona Landers, who was there when the curse first started getting recognized, and who Kayako followed all the way from Tokyo to Pennsylvania just so she could possess her into killing her husband and daughter before offing herself. But Kayako made sure that her curse turned all three into murderously wrathful spirits who haunt their home forever. The years pass, and almost everyone who goes even near that house ends up getting possessed, killing a lot of people, and making the curse stronger...

Notable Kills: Nothing flashy this time, but these ghosts spare no one.

Final Fate: It seems at first that the curse is broken when a woman burns the whole house down. However, it is later shown that they simply moved to another house, ensuring that the curse will never die. Next time, just put up a big "do not enter" sign and have it over with.

Powers/Abilities: Like the Saeki ghosts, these ones can possess, manipulate visions of reality, and add more and more ghosts to their entourage.

Weakness: None.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Unlike the Saeki family, you have to forsake your safety by actually going near the house they inhabit. But once you do, it's already too late. The grudge curse is as strong as ever, and it will make you do unspeakable things to others and yourself. Still, could have used less cheap jump scares.

Trivia: -This film is said to take place somewhere between the first and second film in the American Grudge series.

-Originally, this film, which had been in the works since 2011, would have been a complete reboot of the series, leaving behind the Saeki family entirely. Naturally, this didn't fly well with almost everybody, and they had to factor it in somehow. It didn't save the film from getting a rare F grade on Cinemascore.

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