“Twin terrors”

Films: Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical (or Alien?)

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Alas, we have ourselves yet another tale of man entering the woods, and not coming out again because his fellow man went berserk and became a predator. But like almost all stories, the circumstances have changed, and there's a whole menu for this duo of misshapen axe men to pick from. Naturally, they go all in.

History: Long ago, a mother and her twin sons lived peacefully in the secluded woods of Poland. However, a rock came from beyond the stars, and the twins took it home. It possessed them into butchering their family, and to this day, they are rumored to still haunt the place, having been mutated into deranged cannibals. For a camp full of teens, this can only mean slaughter for them all.

Notable Kills: Right next to the acts of Katahdin and Vorhees, we have another sleeping bag-related death. Also, impalement via metal pipe through the mouth, and a perfect bisection with an axe.

Final Fate: One of the twins is stabbed in his own bed, while the other one gets run over several times over until he can't move anymore. However, long after the sole survivor's escape, the stabbed twin is shown to have lived, though he sees a lot of police cars heading his direction...

Powers/Abilities: Incredibly strong and can take a lot of abuse that would normally kill a person.

Weakness: Too much damage all at once.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-We're still scratching our heads as to whether these two were possessed by demons or mutated by an alien rock. Either way, these wart-covered horrors won’t rest until everyone in the vicinity meets a brutal end. They can be killed, and they're not all that smart, but their combined strength and brutality more than makes up for it.

Trivia: -This film was touted as the first Polish slasher film. Well, that's something, we guess.

-Originally, this film would have been released in March on Friday the 13th, but it was slightly postponed due to COVID-19.

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Messy day, eh? Or night.
As if the main image wasn't enough to convince you these two had a problem.
Right down the brain and the secondary brain for us men!
Ever seen Game of Thrones? Spoilers...